iHeartRadio is a cost-free app that grants listeners access to their favorite music and also radio train station from about the country. Users space able come live-stream music to their computer, tablet, or mobile devices. Listeners are likewise able to create their very own commercial-free music stations indigenous a database of end one million songs. The application is a direct competitor of Spotify and also Pandora.

If you’re no satisfied with the iHeartRadio service, you can delete her iHeartRadio account. Plenty of users find that the application uses too lot mobile data to justification live-streaming their music. It’s vital to be diligent when complying with these steps due to the fact that there room multiple options that can be thought about to it is in “deleting” the account. Be certain you choose the process that matches what you wish to achieve.

Cancelling your iHeartRadio plus Subscription


iHeartRadio supplies two account alternatives where users can pay for better access. IHeartRadio Plus permits listeners to have the ability to play any type of song on-demand with unlimited skips. Castle can also save songs to your playlists straight from the radio. Listener can likewise instantly rewind and replay songs the were simply played top top the live radio.

The company also enables customers to purchase iHeartRadio all Access. This feature is not easily accessible for usage on the web yet is instead minimal to mobile applications. In enhancement to all of the benefits afforded by one iHeartRadio to add subscription, All access users are additionally able to hear offline and also create an unlimited number of playlists.

iHeartRadio Plus prices $4.99 a month for Android devices and also $5.99 a month for iOS devices. IHeartRadio All access costs $9.99 a month for Android devices and $12.99 a month because that iOS devices.

Before deleting your account entirely, you may simply desire to cancel payments on subscription services that did you do it purchased. Act so will revert you back to the cost-free version the the app. As defined here, iHeartRadio is very explicit in stating you cannot cancel a subscription like iHeartRadio Plus through the use of a mobile application.

This is extremely inconvenient, together customers need to return to the save where lock purchased the subscription. It would be much easier to have the ability to cancel her subscription straight in the app. The i can not qualify to perform so may help iHeartRadio save users that don’t think to access the keep where castle purchased the subscription.

It’s additionally important to keep in mind that if you cancel a subscription, it does not prevent immediately. Instead, it will avoid at the end of your present billing cycle or totally free trial. You will certainly not it is in reimbursed for any days after you cancel. So, if you desire to cancel the following month, be sure to execute so before that month’s payment processes.

Cancelling indigenous iHeart.com

To cancel indigenous iHeart.com, begin by return to the website and also logging in to your account. You should have the ability to do so after clicking the three horizontal present that room in the upper-left edge of the screen. Your conventional iHeartRadio login have to work. Then, click the settings tab. As soon as doing so, you will certainly be presented with another menu. Under “Subscriptions,” you must see an option for “Change Plan.”

After picking “Change Plan,” one more menu will appear. Native here, simply pick “Cancel Subscription.” at this point, you’ll be asked if girlfriend really desire to cancel your subscription, come which friend should indicate that girlfriend are. As soon as you suggest that you would in truth like come cancel, you need to receive a confirmation article informing you once your subscription will expire.

Since you have currently paid, girlfriend should be able to use her subscription until the expiration date.

Cancelling one iOS Subscription

To release a premium subscription on an iOS or apple product, you should begin by opening iTunes or the application Store on your phone or tablet. You will be prompted to choose your to apologize ID. Be certain that the i would you choose is the very same one you provided to it is registered your iHeartRadio account. It’s possible that the Apple id you offered to register might be various than your iHeartRadio account’s email address.

After picking the ideal Apple ID, you will do it be triggered to enter your password. When logged in, choose “Subscriptions.” Then, select “iHeartRadio.” Lastly, you’ll just want to readjust the Auto-Renewal choice to Off, or click on “Cancel Subscription.” What appears will be dependent on her phone model and software version, yet both achieve the exact same thing through canceling your premium subscription.

You can additionally cancel your iOS iHeartRadio subscription top top a computer. Start by opening iTunes and also then opened the Account choice from the food selection bar the is located at the top of the screen. Then, choose “View mine Account.” You might be request to go into your apple ID and also password. If prompted, go into the information requested come continue. Be certain the proper Apple i would is used.

Then, you’ll continue to the “Account Information” page, whereby you’ll want to pick “Settings.” Next, you’ll check out a “Subscriptions” page, whereby you will then choose “Manage.” Scroll until you uncover the iHeartRadio app, and then select “Edit.” Finally, choose “Cancel Subscription” to complete the process.

More information about canceling apple subscriptions is listed thanks to Apple Support.

Cancelling one Android Subscription

It’s very easy come cancel one iHeartRadio subscription the you purchased on an Android device. Open up the Google beat Store. Prior to proceeding, be certain you space logged right into the account that was supplied to acquisition the iHeartRadio subscription.

Once you’ve evidenced the exactly account, choose “Menu.” Then, select “Account.” Under “Account,” you’ll uncover the “Subscriptions” tab. Choose this, and also then select iHeartRadio. Simply select “Cancel,” and you should be good to go. That as an easy as that.

To publication an Android subscription top top a computer, head to the Google beat website, and also log in through the account information that was offered to purchase your subscription. Head come the “Subscriptions” web page on her account, and also then pick iHeartRadio. Choose “View.” This will present the iHeartRadio app page and also should existing an choice to cancel. Show that you would like to cancel, and also you’re done.

The Google Play aid Center has provided additional information around canceling or an altering a subscription.

Uninstalling iHeartRadio

You also have the option to uninstall the app. The application can be reinstalled at any time later. Even if it is you require temporary an are on her phone or simply need a rest from the iHeartRadio app, this can be the choice for you. Friend can constantly redownload the application at any time.

However, you should note the uninstalling the application will not cancel your account or any kind of premium subscriptions did you do it purchased. We have heard stories of customers who assumed that deleting the app automatically wiped your account clean, but this is not the case. If you room paying because that anything, be sure to monitor the steps detailed above prior to deleting the application from her phone or tablet.

The advantage of this is that if girlfriend uninstall the app and later chose to reinstall it, every one of your info will tho be attached to her account. Logging in with your iHeartRadio account details will give you accessibility to her favorite artists, stations, and settings. Additionally, you will certainly still be able to use her account from various other locations, such together a laptop, also though the application was uninstalled from her device.

Uninstalling native an iOS an equipment

There room a few ways the you deserve to uninstall the iHeartRadio application for iOS. The easiest method to do so is via the house screen. If the iHeartRadio application is installed on your house screen, simply organize the application until it begins to jiggle. As soon as it starts to shake, an “X” will show up in the upper left-hand edge of the app. Push the “X,” which will cause another prompt to appear. Select “Delete” to uninstall the app.

You can likewise uninstall the application by navigating to “Settings.” once in “Settings,” pick “General” and then “Usage.” all of the apps that are mounted on your maker will appear. Scroll down till you discover the iHeartRadio app, and also tap on it. An icon will appear at the bottom of the screen that states, “Delete App.” select this choice to uninstall the application from her phone.

Uninstalling native an Android device

To uninstall the iHeartRadio application for Android, head come the “Settings” app on her device. Under “Settings,” pick “Apps & Notifications.” discover the iHeartRadio app, and also then choose “Uninstall.” with that, the iHeartRadio app will be eliminated from her phone.

Permanently Delete her Account

To permanently delete your iHeartRadio account and also everything connected with it, you need to call iHeartRadio customer Support. You will very first need to open up your account page. As soon as there, choose “Feedback.” continue until you discover “Contact Us.” Then, submit a inquiry that indicates you would prefer your account to it is in deleted.

You will certainly then need to wait because that a follow-up from your customer support team before officially deleting her account.

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Girlfriend can likewise contact iHeartRadio Customer service through the type here.