TikTok is adhering to other social platforms in letting customers pin comments. Here"s just how to execute it, to add the reasons you should.

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We"ve every come across pinned comment in the comment ar of a article on Instagram or YouTube. And also now, TikTok allows you to pen comments as well. You might have wonder what they are, why creators pin comments, and how they perform it.

A "pinned comment" attribute is a great addition to any type of app, since they offer as advantageous for numerous reasons. We"re walking to explain what a pinned comment is, comment on why they space important, and also show you just how to pen a comment in the comment sections of your tik posts.

What Is a Pinned Comment?

Not every comment section has actually a pinned comment, yet if it does, it"ll always appear right at the peak or in the comment review that"s visible from the feed. Typically, a pinned comment will have an additional text right above or alongside the author"s message that says "pinned". It may also have a small icon that a push-pin, depicting that the comment is pinned.

Only creators can pin and unpin comment on their posts. And when they do, the writer will get a notice to educate them that the creator pinned their comment; over there is no notification for one unpinned comment.

What"s the function of a Pinned Comment?

There space no features of an app that doesn"t serve a purpose, and pinned comments are no different. Let"s have actually a look in ~ why creators select to pin comments.

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1. Creators desire Viewers to view Their favourite Comment

Posting on tiktok is all about exposing viewers come what you desire them to see, and this same principle can be used to comments. Pinning a comment that made friend laugh the most, or that just made you feel good, will provide viewers more insight right into who you space as a creator.

2. Highlighting vital Information

Some commenters will certainly make a review of a post, specifically if it"s long, i m sorry can help viewers conceptualize the contents better.

Sometimes, a creator misses stating vital information in the post. So, when someone comments that information, the creator will pin that to remind viewers that what lock forgot come include. And when a viewer asks a question relating to the content, the creator can pin the comment so the their replied answer is quickly visible close to the top.

3. To mark a Comment Thread

Similar come highlighting vital information, a creator might want to pin a comment that extends right into a thread wherein viewers discuss opinions and ideas pertinent to the content.

4. Minimize an adverse Comments

Online bullying is an unfortunate fact for many creators, yet there are methods to keep abusive people at bay—pinning a comment is one of them.

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A creator who receives hate have the right to pick out a positive comment and also pin it. Because it will be the an initial comment viewers see, it will many likely come to be the most-liked comment. This way, others might be an ext inclined come comment something optimistic as well.

5. Set the overall Tone because that the Comment Section

Regardless of the reasoning, a pinned comment will set the all at once tone for the comment section—and potentially the write-up as well.

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For example, pinning a funny comment will inform viewers that the creator has a an excellent sense the humor and wants to convey the in your posts, and also therefore the comment ar will be much more lighthearted. When pinning information texts lets viewers understand that the creator take away the post seriously, and also so it have the right to start discussions.