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Your smartphone always knows where you are. And also thanks to the service, it is provided by an innovation from a firm called Loc-Aid, a parent have the right to locate a child by her phone number or even an elderly parental who has wandered far from home.

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Indeed, network location services have the right to save lives, defend children, and enable business solutions -- and also they"re easily accessible to anyone.

Thanks come a cost-free online demo in ~, girlfriend can form in the cellphone number of anyone in the U.S. And also find their an exact location in simply a couple of seconds.

Agreements through wireless carriers prefer T-Mobile and also Sprint permit Loc-Aid triangulate place using cellular towers and also the general practitioners signal on her phone. In metropolitan areas, the outcomes are more precise than rural areas where there room fewer cabinet towers.

Locaid adds security measures to keep the website safe: You have to form in your own birthday (to stop minors from making use of the service) and also the human you are trying to locate must agree to the ar search through replying to a message message.

But after validating a phone, Locaid doesn"t call for the user to it is in involved. Banks and also marketers can search for the location of someone who opts-in come the business at any kind of time.

“App developers deserve to use mobile network ar for things prefer validating legitimate credit transaction card purchases and also detecting fraud ... Or tracking legacy like laptops or street-cleaners or dumpsters,” described Carolyn Hodge, a spokeswoman because that the Loc-Aid service.

Cybersecurity professional Jeanine Swatton says place tracking apps are extremely common. There is a "social-discovery” app called Banjo that helps you find friends based upon their general practitioners coordinates. And also Google Latitude provides a comparable function. Each of these solutions are “opt-in” for this reason you have to agree to share your location.

But is over there a potential downside? Swatton says location tracking tools room used mainly for legit purposes, but warns the apps powered by Loc-Aid might be supplied for criminal task -- if a hacker figured out how come bypass defense precautions. Because that example, a hacker could collection up a server that records your location information after Locaid is disabled.

Rob Enderle, an analyst with Enderle Group, said brand-new location-finding services have the right to be abused (like any other service), yet that walk not average they must be outlawed. Enderle advises civilization to be careful about how they usage the tools and to disable attributes you carry out not need.

Locaid adds numerous safeguards come make sure its tools space tamper resistant. Because that example, when you find someone, the company turns turn off after 15 minute to avoid someone native tracking you every day.

Dawn Benton, a spokesperson for AT&T, stated it is impossible to use place finding solutions from cell tower triangulation or gps unless the smartphone user specifically agrees to the search. And discovered the text message that asks because that consent to be plainly labeled and also obvious.

Hodge states Locaid is no that various from various other services choose Twitter that allow you come share your location with every tweet. (Swatton claims she advises human being to disable these location features.) and Hodge states Locaid is staunchly in favor of individual privacy protections.

In the end, an innovation is agnostic, Enderle said, and a firm that renders a new technology is seldom liable for how it is used.

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Locaid uses only a demo that its place service, however it proves that an innovation is always advancing -- and also so is our definition of privacy.


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