Every year, we close one chapter and also begin a new one. Birthday parties space an opportunity to celebrate all the tremendous moments that defined the last chapter and prepare for the adventures that await united state in the next. When every chapter is special in its own right, chapter 60 marks the start of one exciting new journey, filled v opportunity and also discovery. 

But how have the right to you plan a 60th date of birth party that tops the critical 59?

Read on because that 12 that the most memorable 60th birthday party themes and also ideas guaranteed to start the decade with a bang.

60th date of birth party ideas

Every date of birth is worth celebrating, but a 60th date of birth takes the cake. It’s often referred to together a person’s diamond jubilee or the start of their golden years. In fact, in Chinese culture, turning 60 marks five full cycles through the Chinese zodiac, bringing the guest that honor ago to your birth zodiac, symbolically beginning a brand-new life cycle. 

As many world in their 60s will certainly retire, end up being grandparents, or downsize, it appears fitting the a who 60th year should note the start of your journey right into a brand-new life, carrying previous experiences and also wisdom through them. 

Whether your loved one embarking ~ above this brand-new adventure is a father, mother, friend, or spouse, consider the complying with 60th birthday concepts to capture the sparkle and excitement that this milestone birthday.

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1. Drinks, dinner, and dancing 

Swing into the 60th decade through a night of cocktails, cuisine, and cha-cha (or every little thing your favourite dance format may be!). Invite guest to dress in cocktail attire or spice increase the occasion by hosting a roaring 20s-themed party where guests don dapper suits and also flowy flapper dresses. Produce a specialty cocktail menu of standard gin martinis, Manhattans, and Old Fashioneds before serving guest an elegant sit-down dinner. 

A live tape is a perfect match to this vivacious celebration event of life and will assist encourage party-goers to acquire out ~ above the run floor. Plus, there’s nothing choose a live rendition of “Happy Birthday” to warm your guest that honor’s heart.

2. Beer, wine, and small bites 

For a an ext intimate celebration, litter your special guest casual 60th birthday party paired with basic drinks and also tasty appetizers. The celebration for this special occasion can be hosted at a favorite restaurant, art gallery, or a local park. Consider serving finger foods and also hors d’oeuvres that enable guests to easily mingle transparent the venue, such as:

— Pigs in a blanket

— Crostinis

— Veggie or meat skewers 

— Bruschetta

— Stuffed mushroom capsTo stick v your tiny bites theme, serve cupcakes rather of cake, or produce a vivid donut wall for guest to reap (it’s both decorative and delicious). And don’t forget the drinks! Beer, wine, and ciders or seltzers will pair nicely through your laid-back vibe.


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3. Daytime party

Soak in the sun and celebrate 60 v an outdoor bash complete with food, drinks, and games. And by hosting the occasion in a big backyard or in ~ a neighborhood park, you’ll have plenty of an are to mingle, lounge, and, well, party. That means no restrictions on her guest perform (and no difficult decisions to make)!

For entertainment, guests can challenge each other to fun lawn games, including:

— Bocce ball 

— Horseshoes

— Cornhole 

— giant Jenga

— Ladder toss

Games and an excellent times v close friends, however early enough to be house for a reasonable bedtime? now that’s other the whole guest list will have the ability to get behind.


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4. Casual backyard BBQ 

Is her guest the honor feeling saucy together they ring the corner on 60? (Barbeque sauce-y, that is.) Celebrate the huge six-oh v a casual backyard BBQ—a perfect party choice for those transforming 60 in the summer months, or those who merely love the warm, laid-back feeling of this standard summertime tradition. Offer backyard BBQ favorites, such as burgers, warm dogs, potato salad, and also grilled ear of corn. Friend can also make the occasion a potluck whereby guests bring the dishes they’re most famed for. Because that dessert, skip the classic birthday cake in donate of classic summertime sweets, together as snow cones, noodle candy, popsicles, or ice cream. 


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5. A celebratory cruise 

If you can easily travel come a port, consider setup sail on a celebratory 60th birthday cruise. Your guests can enjoy food, drinks, and also live music together they take in the salty s breeze and also bask beneath the sun (or stars, or glow sunset). There’s one method to produce an even an ext magical endure for your guest that honor: a sunset cruise. Her loved one deserve to blow out the candle on your birthday cake (and your 59th year) as the last bits of sunshine scorch the sky and the lamp of the city twinkle in the distance. Then, you can dance the night away beneath the stars—the ideal of many worlds.


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6. Tropic getaway 

If you’re looking to setup a date of birth celebration the extends a little longer 보다 a sightseeing tour, surprise your loved one v a dry getaway. Plan a weekend in sunny Florida, the Dominican Republic, or Mexico. It have the right to be a location your guest of respect loves to take trip to or a brand-new spot they’ve never ever visited before. Not just does a weekend getaway administer a stunning, natural backdrop for an unforgettable birthday party, however it also permits for a much more intimate celebration v close family and also friends. For guests who are unable to make the journey, be certain to arrangement a virtual call-in throughout the night the the huge event. These video clip attendees have the right to take turns wishing the guest of honor a spectacular birthday, share a one-of-a-kind memory, and toasting to one more memorable 60 years.


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7. Weekend in Vegas

Celebrating 60 have the right to feel nice lucky. So why no celebrate the one-of-a-kind day through a weekend in Vegas? The guest of honor can try their hand in ~ blackjack and also slots, check out the vegas strip, or capture a live show.

For a much more budget-friendly celebration, bring Vegas come you v a casino-themed birthday party. Decorate with classic casino colors, such together black, red, white, and also green, and collection up casino tables and also games. Friend can also hire employee to help run the event. 

During the party, guests have the right to take advantage of your casino favorites, including: 

— Blackjack

— Roulette 

— Craps 

— Baccarat

— Poker

Add vibrant lights and also lively music for a one-of-a-kind 60th date of birth bash guarantee to change your guest that honor’s poker face with one of pure glee.


8. Private concert

Help her loved one shake, shimmy, and spin their way into 60 through a exclusive backyard concert. Hire a neighborhood band you understand your guest of honor loves or pick an ensemble that have the right to play all their favorite songs, as well as classic hits. It’s sure to set the tone (and tune) for her loved one’s 60th year.

9. Decade-themed party 

What far better way come celebrate the 60s than with a 60s-themed date of birth party? acquire into the groove through a rainbow or tie-dyed shade palette. Then, decorate with tranquility sign wall surface decals, lava lamps, and also posters that the birthday guest’s favourite 60s icons, such as Janis Joplin or the Beatles. 

You can additionally choose a 70s-themed party for a nostalgic look ago on the decade that shaped your guest of honor’s young adulthood. Invite attendees to an episode their finest disco attire and also dance the night away to the punishment Gees, David Bowie, and ABBA. A decade-themed party will certainly leave your loved one reminiscing about everything that brought them to whereby they room today (and probably feeling thankful they no much longer rock the shag mullet). 


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10. A surprised party 

Just since the date of birth star has accrued 60 year of wisdom doesn’t typical they’ll have the ability to detect a surprised 60th birthday party. Shatter her guest that honor’s birthday expectations by inviting all of their closestly friends and family members come what they thought was one intimate birthday dinner.

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With uniquely designed surprise party invitations, you can let your attendees in top top the mystery while additionally ensuring they nothing spoil the surprise. 


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11. A small dinner through friends

Host an intimate, friend-filled dinner come celebrate your guest that honor. This party idea also enables the guest of respect the opportunity to say, “Thank you because that being a friend,” to those who’ve added color, joy, and love come their incredible journey. 

A birthday dinner through friends emphasizes community and connection fairly than surprises or decor. That can additionally be especially meaningful for those who friends might live in various other states or countries. Invite attendees to toast the guest that honor and also tell story of the memorable time they’ve shared. While 60 year is definitely worth celebrate on its own, for this reason too space the friends who made those 60 year shine. For an ext information around the ideal dinner party themes, check out our blog post. 


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12. Ago and better in 2022

If you had actually to postpone a 60th birthday celebration this past year, throw her beloved guest a party to celebrate the end of their 60th year. Attach them with family and also friends in what is certain to it is in a fun-filled birthday and also a much-needed reunion.

With save the new date party invitations, you can pick up appropriate where girlfriend left off and also continue the celebration. 

60th date of birth party invite wording 

Once you’ve determined on the many fitting (and fun) method to memory the following chapter in her loved one’s life, friend can choose a birthday invitation to match. With Paperless Post, girlfriend can also personalize invitations v your own unique text and also colors. 

If you’re at a loss for the perfect native to note the start of thing 60, consider the adhering to birthday invite wording: