The associated Franchise setting in Madden NFL 16 hasn"t been substantially overhauled from last year"s game, however EA has made some crucial tweaks in wishes of make the mode much more engaging. We learned all about the mode, and have loads of details to help you operation your franchise.

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Getting Around

The mode is much easier to gain into from the start, including offering football player the selection to skip front to the constant season versus spending the time to customize her franchise further.The main home display screen contains an ext actionable options, basically consolidating the Home and Actions displays from critical year. Girlfriend can advance the week, scout, buy XP packages, and much more from here.Your team"s depth graph (below) is visually overhauled. Personal from enabling you to relocate players about via a drag-and-drop mechanic, it additionally has options to spend XP and see just how everyone is improving.Individual player cards have actually actions together as putting that player on the commerce block or seeing their purposes (more on this later). The brand-new layout likewise surfaces the characteristics germane to their position. Thus, girlfriend don"t need to scroll endlessly past unimportant attribute numbers just to find out a QB"s long-distance accuracy. Right here you"ll additionally see which characteristics are impacted by fluctuations in confidence.


New Goals

New drive purposes let you knife XP and also confidence throughout each journey of a game, and also these have the right to be dynamic. For example: After you intercept the ball, a goal may pop up for your offense to march down and score on the subsequent possession in order come capitalize ~ above the situation.Weekly objectives can similarly be chained with each other for larger XP rewards and to develop some extra storylines because that the week-in, week-out schedule. If you have a warm rookie, a goal might surface tasking you through getting an ext TDs in order to reflect his newfound prominence. Regardless, the team at EA Tiburon assures us that you"ll constantly be rewarded because that doing well, and also there room not performance standards that room too high if your player comes earlier down to earth.After every play you"ll view all the goals affected by the play via a scrolling onscreen tracker in ~ the bottom that the screen. You"ll likewise get XP and confidence updates. Furthermore, the loading display screen shows you exactly how you"re advancing towards assorted goals.The price of the XP packages has been tweaked to readjust to the brand-new ways friend can get XP.



Confidence isn"t penalized as lot for negative play. Thus, your team won"t go into an unrecoverable confidence free-fall.Teams v low trust have accessibility to a special, non-interactive game prep (costing hours) task to boost their spirits.Missing some weekly goals deserve to have a an unfavorable effect on her confidence.The ratings and also attributes impacted by confidence has been tweaked to control fluctuations better.

Game Prep

You deserve to now access a complimentary practice setting from the game arrangement screen, and it go not price you hours.Teams have more hours to use in video game prep during the week.Activities in video game prep are an ext skewed toward video game planning against that week"s adversary as protest to general development by position.

The Draft

Madden 16 attributes a new scouting device with 3 tiers that show the players best three attributes. By the moment you scout through the 3rd tier (costing you 11 points), you"ll recognize what ring talent that player is, and therefore wherein they deserved to it is in drafted vs. Wherein they room projected come go. This will assist users identify an initial round busts and diamonds in the rough.The NFL combine is also included, giving you a breakdown of potential draftees" results and also rankings end the 40-yard dash (speed), bench press (strength), vertical jump (jumping), three-cone drill (acceleration/agility), 20-yard shuttle (acceleration/agility), and large jump (strength/jumping).Players have accessibility to every the integrate info on football player in the draft, and the info itself go not expense you scouting points.Draft classes are randomized, and also the advancement team has actually tweaked the procedure to shot and ensure much better and much more realistic circulation of location drafted and also where they room drafted.Users are provided more player information throughout the draft, and it"s far better surfaced if you"re drafting so you don"t have to drill in so plenty of menus, unequal in vault years. Once your player is drafted, you"ll automatically see their ratings and also where they rank in the draft in regards to their overall rating.


Free Agency

Madden 16 does no include major changes come signing complimentary agents or the obtainable contact options. Elements missing in vault years choose restricted totally free agents and also the fifth-year alternative are not in the game.

Commish strength & More

Commissioners that online and also offline leagues can use wins or accident to various other players" matches. This can come in handy if there was something the prevented a video game that should have actually won, or if you desire to advancement the week to skip over a deadbeat player.Owners of small-market teams will have an ext cash at your disposal to assist them out.

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For much more on the game, check out these recent batch that screens.