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How come Play

Match any kind of of YOUR NUMBERS to any kind of WINNING NUMBER, win PRIZE presented for that number. Get a "5X" or "10X" symbol, success 5 or 10 TIMES the PRIZE displayed for that symbol. Get a "GOLD BAR" symbol and also win $500 instantly! complement a WINNING NUMBER to any kind of BONUS SPOT, success the quantity for that spot.

Enter your non-winning gold RUSH can be fried tickets into the yellow Rush can be fried Bonus Play promotion to earn illustration entries for the opportunity to win interesting cash prizes, including the cultivation Jackpot prize! Plus, you can instantly success a Bonus prize of a free Florida Lottery Scratch-Off ticket or $25 cash simply for entering!

Ticket Price: $5.00Launch Date: January 18, 2021End Date: TBARedemption Deadline: TBA

Odds of Winnings and Prizes

Prize AmountOdds the WinningTotal PrizesPrizes RemainingPrizes Paid

Overall Odds: 1-in-3.97

PLEASE NOTE: Prizes, including the optimal prizes, might be unavailable at time the ticket purchase as result of prior revenue or various other causes developing in the regular course of business.

Every effort has been made come ensure the information noted above is accurate. However, in the occasion of an error, the game rules shall be controlling.