The score of the game is simple; be the last player alive.But.... You're surrounded.. Unauthorized NPCs mostly, but there's part players mix in with them.How will you find them?How will certainly they uncover you?

This is a video game for 2 or much more players, with up to 64 NPCs.You can play over LAN or WAN. There's no Server browser (yet), for this reason you'll have to attach directly via IP.

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NETWORK PROBLEMS: If you're having actually troubles connecting to other players, there room 2 normal causes: The Firewall, and also the Router. All players need to make sure their firewall isn't prevent the video game in any type of way, or it likely won't connect.

The latest update added NAT punchthrough, which should prevent the router from leading to problems. If problems remain, the hold should front the harbor being offered on their router (default 7777). Exactly how to do either that these depends on your OS/router, so you'll must search online for the ideal way. If it still doesn't work, allow me know.

HOW come UPDATE: When getting a message around an update being available, merely re-download the game from this page - it will certainly be the recent version. Alternatively, you deserve to keep the game instantly updated with the app (

Update 0.1.8a: Engine to update (includes various network fixes).

Update 0.1.7abc: A: new level - Host deserve to pick the level in the video game CONFIG food selection in the Lobby. Several optimizations and bug fixes (including wade bug?). B: added NAT Punchthrough (Experimental, but seems stable) - it must now be less complicated to attach to other players, hopefully without the need for portforwarding. Version check bypass has actually been added, yet should just be supplied if you know you have actually the recent version, or anyone else has the very same version. C: different versions can not occupational properly through eachother. UI now scales to display screen size - JOIN no longer appears off-screen ~ above 5:4 monitors.

Update 0.1.6ab: Engine upgrade, Quality alternatives in pause Menu, more stable network connection, fixed an insect where just one human readying-up would start the game, rather of all. Disabled GPU Skinning (should do things better for anyone there is no a GPU). Bug fixes.

Update 0.1.5abc: updated engine version. Networking need to be better, intake shouldn't be dropped, input no longer based upon camera, in addition to other optimizations.

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Update 0.1.4ab: Added an easy Options food selection (sensitivity, invert Y-Look), diminished download + in its entirety filesize. Addressed walk pest (should occupational on every devices and keyboards now) and also rotation error (output_log shouldn't obtain spammed with Quaternion errors)

Note: This is super-alpha. The core of the game exists, yet it's quiet pretty basic. I've make the efforts to make it together latency-friendly as possible, yet emulating high-latency is quite useless contrasted to actual high-latency.

So, if you experience any issues due to networking, or have actually some ideas/feedback, please let me recognize either by email (contact