The component on Billy Joel’s “Piano Man” is a fun and also easy song to discover on Piano Man, originally released in 1973, was Billy Joel’s an initial hit song. He taped it in the vital of C, which also makes it a an excellent song for beginners to learn on… because most of united state start learning on a C!

I’m going come teach you just how to play this song in 4 levels:

Just learning the tabs in C.How to play the best rhythms prefer a ninja master.How come play that with solitary notes, injecting soul and also feel v bending.Putting it all together and playing Piano man like a complete boss.

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Even though Piano guy is a good song for beginners, if this particular day is her very an initial day playing the, I’d recommend that you consider an initial learning the Deep tranquil Mouth Position.

In my Beginner to boss course, we actually do 24 lessons prior to we obtain to Piano Man, due to the fact that I believe it’s so necessary to construct the best fundamentals native the start, and also to protect against picking up bad habits. So nothing hesitate come take some time really getting secure in the Deep peaceful Mouth Position before you handle this song.

Level 1: simply the Tabs, Ma’am

The an excellent thing about tabs is that they tell you which feet to pat in what order. The not-so-great thing around tabs is the they don’t indicate just how long or short to hold each note. Tabs are most valuable when you already know a track really well. (Tip: you can tell exactly how well you know a song by exactly how well you can sing it.)

Here space the tabs in C because that Piano Man:

56 -56 56 -45 45 -45 4534-34 45 -34 45 -4556 -56 56 -45 45 -45 4534 -45 45 -34 34
You deserve to see that all of the notes space played 2 at a time. These are dubbed “double stops.” The pretty thing about playing dual stops in a song choose this is that we deserve to have a possibility to play a good song prior to we even need to discover the method required to isolate single notes.

But in order for the Piano man riff to sound important great, you need to nail the rhythm of the notes favor a boss. So sit back, relax, and let’s take a trip through the time of Piano Man…

Level 2: finding out the real Deal Rhythms

The #1 difference between a pro musician and also a hack is having a killer sense of time. The one point to know exactly how to play all the note of the Piano guy solo. It’s one more thing to have the ability to play Piano guy in time.

I’m gonna teach you how to pond the exciting rhythms exactly the means that Billy Joel dram them. Piano man is in 3/4 time, additionally known as “Waltz Time.” What that way is, in order to count together with the song, you’d repetitively count to 3 over and also over, “1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3….” shot listening come the song and also counting along out loud.

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Those notes we were simply counting with each other are referred to as Quarter Notes. The faster notes that we’re gonna pat in this song are dubbed eighth notes, which space twice as rapid as what us were just counting. The easy means to counting eighth notes is merely to include the indigenous “and” in in between every number. So now we count prefer this: “1 & 2 & 3 &, 1 & 2 & 3 &, 1 & 2 & 3 &….”

The first and 3rd phrases have very comparable rhythms, and also they space the trickiest come play.

1 2 3 &|1 2 & 3 &|1 & 2 3|1 2 3

56 -56 56 -45 45-45 45

1 2 3|1 2 & 3|1 2 3| 1 2 3|

34 -34 45-34 45-45

1 2 3 &|1 2 &3 & |1 & 2 3|1 2 3

56 -56 56 -45 45-45 45

1 2 3 |1 & 2 3 |1 2 3 |1 2 3

34 -45 45 -34 34

Looking at the graph above, try counting the end loud v me nice and slow, and clapping top top the beats whereby we’ll be playing notes. Psychic you have to say the words through your mouth, “One and also two and also three and, One and also two and also three and…” If you’re not saying the words the end loud, climate you’re cheating!