Here’s a fast lesson on exactly how to pat “The Star Spangled Banner” for electric guitar. I’ve taught this variation to numerous beginner etc students, and they’ve had actually a blast playing it this way.

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This version is played on the 1st string alone which simplifies things rather a bit. The melody has a vast range, but it have the right to be played easily with a variety of fingerings and also even with just one finger!

If you’ve been play for a while, you can try adding your very own nuances come the melody by adding things like…

Legato Techiniques (hammer-ons, pull-offs, slides, and also tapping)Tremelo PickingString BendingVibratoWhammy Bar TechniquesDistortion and/or other effects

I deliberately preserved the melody straightforward to allow for my students to express themselves as their an approach and musicality develops. Offer me a shout the end if you write-up it on social media; I’d love to hear exactly how you beat it. Happy shredding and also woodshedding!


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July 2, 2020

Nick Ford

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