Star Spangled Banner Piano

These kinds of Star Spangled Banner because that piano room perfect for learning to play the nationwide anthem the the United says of America. There are also versions because that trumpet, clarinet and also flute.

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The Star Spangled Banner has actually been the official nationwide anthem that the USA due to the fact that a resolution of congress in 1931. The lyrics were written by Francis Scott crucial in 1814 and also the music was written by john Stafford Smith. That is quite a an overwhelming piece that music to play on the piano as it has very vast melody range which requires considerable repositioning the the hand whilst playing it. That is very important come look in ~ the fingering ~ above the paper music in bespeak to be able to play the melody smoothly. In addition, the harmony alters quite quickly and also so separate exercise of the left hand note is compelled in bespeak to be able to play the piece effectively.

Star Spangled Banner simple Piano sheet Music


Star Spangled Banner basic Piano Version
I have actually kept the left hand part relatively basic in the easy piano version. As mentioned, the large melodic variety and aer leaps are daunting enough. I strongly indicate that you take the time to exercise the right and left hands individually – patience in this element will absolutely be rewarded in time.

Intermediate paper Music


Star Spangled Banner intermediary Piano

The intermediate piano version is fairly tricky in ~ times. Ns have added an extra harmony heat to the appropriate hand to bring out several of the beautiful progressions the the melody implies. The left hand note of the intermediate Star Spangled Banner are also much more developed than the easy version. Again, separate practice of the left and also right hand notes will gain rewards!

Star Spangled Banner Flute

Here is a variation of the Star Spangled Banner for flute and piano accompaniment:

i have created this arrangement with the piano accompaniment play the track as well. This is so that it gives support to students who are starting out on the flute. The melody line deserve to be removed from the piano part and the arrangement will tho work. This will sound much better as a performance if the flute player is confident sufficient to perform without the piano play the tune.

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Star Spangled Banner Trumpet and Clarinet

Here is a version for trumpet or clarinet in B flat:

The setup should job-related well for either trumpet or clarinet in B flat. Similar to the flute arrangement, the optimal melody heat from the appropriate hand of the piano accompaniment have the right to be omitted.