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Criminal Jurisdiction judge of the Peace have original jurisdiction in criminal situations punishable by good only, or punishable by a fine and also a sanction no consisting the confinement or imprisonment. Criminal steps for situations that space within the criminal jurisdiction that the Harris ar Justice courts are found in chapter 45 of the Texas code of Criminal Procedure. The rule of proof governing the trials the criminal action in the district Courts apply to a criminal proceeding in the righteousness Courts. The Harris County ar Attorney prosecutes traffic situations filed in the Harris county Justice Courts. The Harris County judge of the Peace have actually promulgated local Rules. You might view the local Rules at each Justice Court. civil liberties of Defendants If you space accused the an violation within the jurisdiction of the justice Court, girlfriend have particular rights. You can see the complain or citation that has been filed v the court. You deserve to a trial by jury, but you may waive the ideal to a trial by jury and be tried by the court. You can be represented by an attorney of your choice. You space not required to be stood for by an attorney. An attorney may make an appearance on her behalf. You deserve to remain silent and not to offer evidence versus yourself. You may waive this right and discuss your instance with a prosecutor in an initiative to dispose that your situation without trial. an initial Appearance in Court Your traffic citation or summons will specify a date and also time on which friend are forced to show up in court. You might comply v a composed promise to appear in court by an illustration by counsel. Tex. Transport Code §543.009 At the moment of your first appearance, you will certainly be determined as the defendant, and you will be asked exactly how you plead come the offense through which you space charged. Pleas are "not guilty," "guilty," or "no contest." If friend plead no guilty, your situation will be collection for trial. You might waive your best to a psychological by jury and also have the instance heard through the court. At her request, the court will subpoena a angry on your behalf, however you have to furnish the court through the name, address, and telephone number of each witness before trial. You might be forced to to visit a pre-trial conference. If friend refuse to get in a plea, the court will go into a plea of no guilty for you, and also your instance will be set for a jury trial unless you waive that right. If you plead guilty or no contest, the court will discover you guilty and also assess a fine together punishment. A plea the no dispute has the same result as a plea the guilty, but it may not it is in used versus you in any civil proceeding that can arise native the incident leading to your arrest. If you space pleading guilty or no contest, you may present any type of evidence or records to the court in connection with the offense and also you may explain any mitigating scenarios that may affect punishment. If you room unsure around how to plead, carry out not hesitation to go into a plea of no guilty. The court may be forced to administer you specific notices, and it is your responsibility to inform the court of any adjust of address.

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You might request documents and evidence in your instance from the State by adhering to the discovery procedures collection out in Art. 39.14 the the Texas code of Criminal Procedure. ("Discovery" is the procedure by which the defendant may request proof related come the situation from the State.) If You perform Not desire To show up In Court salary the agree Fine Online For many offenses because that which a citation has actually been issued, fines can be paid virtual by making use of the Harris county Justice of the peace Courts" website. Online payments might be made till 11:00 p.m. Top top the appearance date shown on her ticket. Unless a warrant has actually been authorize ordering her arrest, an digital payment may additionally be make after your appearance day until in ~ least 5 (5) company days prior to a reserved trial date. pay the acceptable Fine in human or through Mail If you execute not want to show up in court, you have actually the alternative of paying her fine by mail or by payment in human at the justice Court as directed on her citation or summons. Prior to the time friend must appear in court, mail or carry to the court a traffic Citation Reply form together v your payment that the acceptable fine. The acceptable fine amount will encompass the court prices for the offense through which you space charged. If you room paying by mail, you have to pay through cashier"s examine or money order, payable to the Harris ar Justice Court. If you room paying in person, you may pay your fine in cash, by cashier"s inspect or money order, or by credit card. Payment that the agree fine constitutes a recognize of guilt in open court together though girlfriend had gotten in a plea that no contest. enter a Plea of not Guilty through Mail before the time you must appear in court, you may mail or bring to the court a plea of not guilty making use of the website traffic Citation reply Form. The court will set your situation for a jury trial. If you notify the court the you waive your best to a jury trial, your case will be set for a psychological by the court. You might be required to to visit a pre-trial conference.

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General Information

This information is furnished to you to provide simple information family member to the regulation governing procedures for traffic cases in the Harris ar Justice Courts.

The Harris County justices of the Peace and also the Clerks that the Harris county Justice Courts room not permitted to provide legal advice. You space urged to evaluation the applicable laws and to top an lawyer of your selection for more information or answers to details legal questions.

You have the right to a trial by a jury and to be represented by an attorney of your choice, or to represent yourself.

Traffic offenses, generally, are punishable by a fine of not an ext than $200.00 and also all prices of court.

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Disclaimer: The legislation is constantly changing and there may be times as soon as the information on this net site will certainly not it is in current. This info is detailed for general informational purposes only and is not intended as legal advice. This details is no a considerable treatment the the subject and also is not a substitute for advice native an attorney.