How carry out you write an email requesting something indigenous an elite level performer/VIP in a means that will certainly actually get a confident response?

The answer is how amazing easy:

Shift your focus from a “me” view to a “you” perspective.

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For example, years ago, i was hanging out through Charlie Hoehn, who’s worked with me and a many thought leaderslike Tim Ferriss.

He called me just how working behind the scenes has actually taught him around how to job-related with these type of people.

Here’s the secret:

“Everyone desires something from friend guys,” the said. “Now ns know how to was standing out. Simply don’t ask because that anything! Actually, add some value first.”

This “you first” approach is how I’ve been able to get the advice that best-selling authors, superstar CEOs, and all kinds of fascinating people.

Let’s take a watch a look at the in action.

Table of Contents:

How to create a Polite email Asking for Something

How to write an email asking because that something politely

Here’s a request email I received from a reader a while back. I called him in ~ 60 secs of reading it. View if you can find out why:


And when I can tell that really wanted paid work, he speak me the he’d “be happy simply for the chance to network and receive a little advice.”

This made me speak no to him impossible!

He respect the strength dynamic. After all, he reached out come measking because that mytime.

And he showed this by being proactive, giving up his phone number, and likewise providing samples of his occupational from his website.

Also, acknowledge how numerous emails they get by ending your email with this script:

“I know you have actually tremendous requirements on her time, and if you don’t have actually time come respond, no problem. Yet if girlfriend do, also a sentence would average a lot come me.”

This is the an essential to writing an e-mail asking because that something. It offers VIPs simple out if they’re also busy. Counterintuitively, it additionally boosts your solution rate because you’re reflecting empathy toward their time demands.

Remember, this email from the developer operated so well, I referred to as him within 60 secs of receiving his message.

Follow these steps, and also you can see the same results.

I climate encourage friend to usage the closing the Loop Techniqueto follow up through your VIP 2 weeks ~ you get your response. You can use the complying with script:

“Hey, girlfriend told me ABC. Ns dug in. I discovered you to be right, and so ns took her advice and also I just wanted to say thanks to you. I’ll save you updated a pair of months from now around how the brand-new XYZ is going.”

ACTION STEP: Contact her VIP

Brainstorm ONE busy VIP you’d love to contact, then shoot lock an email.In the comments below, share her story and the an answer you got.

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Get what you want

I’ve just offered you the three procedures on exactly how to write an e-mail asking for something and get what friend want. This strategy works for anything.

And if girlfriend want specific scripts because that emails that get results too, i have five you have the right to use to:

Set up an informational interviewAsk for references for people to talk toCold email a stranger because that advicePitch for a consulting gig or a project interview