Images are an essential to making your marketing was standing out, specifically on Twitter. Ever since Twitter make photos immediately display in-stream, they"ve been helping marketers acquire even much more results the end of the 140-character society network -- in fact, an A/B test us ran uncovered that tweets with images get55% an ext leads.

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Though pictures themselves can assist boost your presence,some are far better than others. It"s no just sufficient to slap any ol" picture onto a tweet -- you need to choose therightimage.

But what walk right yes, really mean? Let"s dig right into it. Store on reading to learnsome important do"s and don"ts for using photos on Twitter.

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1) perform use appropriate Twitter photo dimensions.

When you upload new images for your Twitter header image, file picture, or tweets, there are details dimensions you need to stay within to make sure your pictures look great. Your header image should be 1500 pixels vast x 500 pixels tall, her profile snapshot should be400 pixels x 400 pixels, and your tweet pictures should be876 pixels vast x 438 pixels tallto present up properly in her Twitter timeline.

When friend upload a photograph you have the choice to chop it to this sizes, yet it is advantageous if you perform this in advance so nothing gets reduced off.You should also keep in mind that the profile picture covers a tiny section of her header image, therefore make certain to architecture accordingly.

2) Don"t lose out top top the possibility to include a picture when you attach to an article.

When you usage an image, it stands out in your followers" streams. Twitter individuals follow countless accounts, and only using text with links can make someone acquire lost. Pictures help adjust that.

You don"t need picture in every tweet that you post, but if you are linking to an article, over there is most likely photo that you deserve to use to match the connect -- usually an image from the post or something relating to the article.

3) carry out use a Twitter header photo that finest reflects your brand.

The next time you upgrade your Twitter header image, think about how the picture you pick reflects her brand. When someone soil on her Twitter profile, what will certainly your header image say around you? It must reflect your personality and also give an indication of what your company actually does.

Let"s take JetBlue for example. What perform you think your header picture is trying to convey? come me, it mirrors that JetBlue isn"t your typical airline. They have a fun and also engaging brand (and crew). It also tells me the if I use their airline, i won"t have an experience choose those with any kind of other airline. Every one of this conveyed just through one image!


4)Don"t push images straight from Instagram come Twitter.

When girlfriend upload a picture on Instagram, you have the choice to push it come Twitter to share with every one of your pendant -- that doesn"t average you should. A if back, Twitter stopped mirroring Instagram photos. Instead, Instagram photos driven to Twitter present up in tweets together links.

The next time you take it a snapshot on Instagram and also want the to go to Twitter, take the extra time to write-up the picture separately so it appears as an image in her Twitter stream rather of simply a link. Girlfriend can additionally use Zapierto instantly do this. Looks choose LeBron must have set up a Zap!

Just post a photo

— LeBron James (
KingJames) July 11, 2014

5) carry out use picture collages to upload as much as 4 images at once.

Twitter freshly came up with a brand-new feature enabling you to add up to 4 pictures to your tweet in a collage. So the next time you usage an image, think around whether or not your tweet could be boosted by having more than one picture. That isn"t constantly the appropriate or important thing to usage a her collage, however it can add some more flair to her tweet and also attract much more attention from her followers.

Here"s an instance of what a collage looks like:

14,000 already registered because that the World"s biggest Webinar! conserve your seat: #WLW14

— ( April 8, 2014

6)Don"t usage photos that might be understood as offensive.

There is a good line in between funny and offensive, and it is vital for brand to not offend your followers. Prior to you write-up a joke, consider how all of your followers will react to it. Similarly, if you space posting an image relating to a current event, ask yourself the very same question. Just how will your followers reaction to it?

7) do use photos as a method to to express in extra characters.

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Sometimes it is difficult to squeeze out in whatever you want to to speak in one tweet. But when you use images, you actually get some more real heritage to include additional message to her tweet.

For example, ago in January, us ran the 30-Day Challenge. To promote the contest on Twitter, us tweeted photos of advice native seasoned lasignoralaura.comgers. If you are tweeting a contest or miscellaneous else whereby you really want to get more words in there, think about using photos to help you gain there.

30-Day challenge Tip #26: Speak Visually #lasignoralaura.comfor30