Spring lawn chores aren"t difficult, however they execute play a vital role in obtaining your grass ~ above track because that a healthy, productive farming season.

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Tackling spring lawn treatment provides a just-right sheep of new air, sunshine, and also exercise—and sets your lawn on its way to season-long glory. Feather lawn chores aren’t difficult, however they do play a an essential role in getting your grass on track because that a healthy, productive cultivation season.Early spring Lawn care TipsLate spring Lawn treatment Tips

Here are our height spring lawn treatment tips:


Early Spring

Tune up your mower. adjust the oil, waiting filter and spark plug. Once you’re excellent high-fiving yourself, clean the top and also undercarriage, remove dirt and grass clippings--just be certain to detach the spark plug wire before working around the cut blade. Don’t upper and lower reversal a gas mower over to clean underneath; just lift one side and also brush away dried grass. If dried grass has actually hardened, loosen v a hand trowel or putty knife. A dull blade makes mowing an ext work. Sharpen the blade, and also replace that if it has huge nicks or gouges. It’s a an excellent idea to store an extra tongue on hand so you always cut with a spicy edge. Currently fill your mower with gas or fee the battery, because, well, power.

If you prefer a hands-off approach, take her mower to the shop, though you will want to perform it in late autumn or winter to protect against spring crowds. Note, too, the a cold mower deserve to be tough to begin in at an early stage spring. Warm it up by placing that in the sunlight for an hour or two before starting. Absent it increase a notch by put a dark garbage bag end the engine while the soaking up part rays. (Don’t forget to eliminate the bag before you start the mower!)


Clean up. go around and also pick increase twigs, branches, and also any trash the winter (or the kids) tossed onto your lawn. Then, rake out dead grass and throw it onto her compost pile—along with any other green scraps—unless it includes weeds.


Apply mulch.

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as soon as the soil has actually warmed, refresh her mulch. Shredded mulch gives a polished complete to planting beds, yet it additionally helps protect against weed expansion by blocking access to the sun. Add a 2- come 3-inch layer around your plants. Don’t placed mulch on top of her plants.

Late Spring



*don"t apply to recently seeded areas until ~ the 4th mowing; wait 4 months to plants seeds after applying