The capacity to save food was among the best breakthroughs that the second industrial revolution. V the invention and spread of electricity, having machines that create a cold chamber or as they are recognized today, refrigerators, changed the resides of millions. Suddenly, produce might be stored and transported without it walking bad and also this principle quickly began showing up in peoples homes. In a few decades, freezers and also refrigerators ended up being a typical sight across much the the globe. Today, we take this capability to store food in spoilage-proof spaces for granted.

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But, prefer any complicated invention that the contemporary age, it requires a selection of elements to function properly. From electrical power to preventive parts and also sheltered environment, these gadgets are not straightforward or easy to operate. To any type of prepper, this is a reason of concern for any scenario where any of these factors can be taken away. Yet, in ~ the exact same time, preppers recognize that keeping the capability to save their food from wasting is vital for survival. To do this, there space other means and most of them room exceedingly basic when it pertains to both your structure and also requirements. Below is a perform of the best means to keep food without electricity.


Canning is one older technique that keeps food safe from bacteria and other pollution until you’re ready to eat it. This procedure is fairly labor intensive and also requires a heat resource but deserve to be excellent over a fire. There space multiple stages of work required to have the right to something. You’ll have to prepare the food through additive such together a street syrup or brine, sterilize the glass jars and also lids, fill and heat the jars, and also then save them until all set for use. Most world can in large batches to do this procedure go faster.

Learning just how to deserve to is a valuable skill and also most canned items will last for number of years. Although the upfront costs of the canning equipment

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A zeer pot, additionally known together a pot-in-pot an equipment for refrigeration is a clay structure well-known since ancient times. The is based on the evaporative cooling principle and also uses a basic setup. In a bigger outer pot, often made in the earthenware technique, a smaller sized glazed pot is placed. In between them, a layer of wet sand is set. Together the evaporation takes location on the outside, it draws the heat from the internal pot. Here, food items have the right to be inserted in the inside pot and kept cool. The only thing the is needed is a flow of air and also a water source to save the inner class of sand wet.

Coal and Charcoal Cooler

A cooler made the end of coal or charcoal works on a comparable principle together the zeer pot. However, instead of sand, this coolers usage coal or charcoal the is placed inside the the wood frame. The same material is kept wet and also it additionally takes out the warmth from its center thanks to the evaporation principle. Below as well, the essential thing is to keep the inner material wet so the can progressively evaporate. In many occurring countries, this concept has been taken to a huge level whereby charcoal or coal coolers the size of rooms space made to keep food fresh.


This technique of food preservation is thought about to be the easiest and also the the very least labor-intensive choice to preserve food. Since most bacteria and mold need water to grow, drying is effective since it removes the water from the food. Fruits, part vegetables, and also meats deserve to be dried safely. Girlfriend can also then rehydrate foods items if desired.

There are a few options to dry foods without electricity. Probably the most common option is to prepare the foods and also then leaving them in a sunny spot wherein they will certainly dry naturally due to the heat. This an approach works finest in a dry, warm climate with full sun.


Fermenting is a similar technique to canning although it doesn’t seal up food. Instead, this technique does permit for the entry of “good” bacteria and also it supplies an acidic brine as the solution. The brine will enable for the foods items to ferment over time and also prevents harmful bacteria from growing.

Fermentation is most common for vegetables and meats. Since the brine is a vinegar-like solution, it will be a strongly flavored food product. Not everyone enjoys fermented foods yet this method is easy and does not require the same labor as canning.

Root Cellars and Storage

Although some foods items are not safe if left at room temperature, countless fruits and also vegetables will last because that months if preserved in a somewhat cold environment. Think around root cellars that human being would usage to keep root vegetables and also fruits transparent the winter months. This underground spaces will certainly keep many vegetables and fruits for sure for consumption and without risk of rotting.

A source cellar can be any underground space. The only necessity is the it requirements to breath and also a ventilator is required. This will permit air to circulate and prevent premature rotting. Store foods items like potatoes, apples, onions, squash, and also other shelf-stable foods in this underground room and remove any type of foods that come to be bruised or develop poor spots.

Salt Curing or Brining

Salt is a problem that stays clear of bacterial growth and it was one of the oldest methods used to keep food. Many organisms can not tolerate a salt concentration the is better than 10% and also this technique is most used because that meats. Curing is a kind of conservation that entails rubbing a salt and also sugar mixture right into fresh pork and also then packing it tightly in a sealed crock where it is then stored in ~ a cool temperature.

Brining is similar but the meat is also packed in a braided brine systems that has to be adjusted on a continual basis. The just disadvantage to this technique is that as soon as the meat is all set to it is in eaten, it needs to be wet in water for a long period of time. This soaking is necessary to remove the excess salt and also make the meat edible.


Smoking meat to preserve them is one of the oldest means to keep food there is no electricity. Some believe that that goes back to the time of the cavemen. Essentially, cigarette smoking is nothing an ext than making sure a item of food, most often animal in nature, has actually the least feasible amount of humidity that might be provided by bacteria. These bacteria growing and multiplying top top a piece of meat or some produce is the reason why the goes bad. By using the drying and anti-insect properties of smoke, food like meat or fish deserve to be kept for a long period of time v very little effort.

Spring House

A spring residence is a very an easy building that serves to store its inner cool without any artificial power. Instead, it is a wooden, brick or rock structure built on optimal of a spring. As these save their temperature all-year-round, a closed space built on peak of them also becomes constantly cool. Any kind of property that has a spring have to utilize this possibility and also get its own spring house. Most of these deserve to be made in a DIY setup v the very straightforward construction – nothing more facility than a tree house is typically needed. The best way to make a spring residence is to construct it alongside the hill bottom or a cliff where the spring comes out of the ground. This will provide a good source of organic insulation.

Storing vegetables in Sand

While this principle does not carry out any additional cooling effect, the does save the vegetables fresh because that longer. Preserved in a dark and also dry place, the sand will keep the vegetable free of excess warm that can spoil them. It will also attain a secure cool temperature throughout the coldest hrs of the day and also then save it.

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While preserving food without power can be a challenge, over there are many methods obtainable today. Anyone who requirements to ensure the they have a preservation technique without the aid of electricity can use one or more of these techniques to stop food spoilage.