Avocados make wonderful additions to sandwiches and salads, and also the people would it is in a less-happy ar without guacamole. Yet sometimes you only need half an avocado because that a recipe, and the remaining half can start to discolor and turn one unappetizing shade of brown quickly.

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There are lots of famous approaches to preserving the shining green color of avocados, yet which ones really work? To find out, us tried 5 that the most-common ways civilization use for keeping avocados indigenous browning, and we gained some surprising results.

For the test, we purchased four large avocados native our community grocery store, choosing ones that still to be slightly firm to the touch, making them ripe however not overripe. We then employed each preservation method, and stored the avocados for 2 days in the frozen refrigerator in airtight containers to see which ones would continue to be the many green. Here's a look at the results, from worst outcomes to the best:

Lemon juice: numerous people think that rubbing the cut surface of one avocado through fresh lemon juice stays clear of browning, due to the fact that the citric mountain is assumed to sluggish oxidation. However the avocado half we brushed v lemon juice rotate a disgusting dark brown, make it not suitable to offer to anyone.

Plastic wrap: wrapping an avocado half tightly through plastic pave is assumed to sluggish browning due to the fact that it keeps air away from the surface. Us tried this an approach with an avocado half without a pit, and there was significant browning ~ above the reduced surface, despite the avocado to be bright environment-friendly underneath, making it perfect for usage in a salad dressing or guacamole.

The pit method: standard wisdom has it that keeping the pit in the leftover avocado stays clear of it native browning, however we found this come be just partially true. The area that the avocado that remained in call with the pit didn't discolor but the rest of the avocado was starting to turn an unappetizing shade of brown. This also would it is in OK for use in salad dressing or guacamole.


We tested five methods for maintaining avocados from browning. After two days, all verified some indicators of discoloration, however other approaches faired better than others. Indigenous left: stored v the pit; wrapped in plastic wrap; brushed through fresh lemon juice; brushed through olive oil; and also submerged in water.

Olive oil: to brush an avocado fifty percent with olive oil is claimed to reduce contact with air, staying clear of oxidation. This method held up for us, through minimal browning happening about the edges, however with many of the interior flesh remaining a vibrant green. This avocado would be fine for sandwiches or salads.

Water bath: A most chefs swear the immersing avocados in water keeps them native browning, because it eliminates call with the air. Yet some caution to just store avocados this means for a short period of time, since prolonged exposure to water might turn lock slimy. Would certainly an avocado host up after ~ 48 hours submerged in water? Yes, it transforms out. The reduced surface did take it on a slightly slimy sheen, yet the avocado stayed the most environment-friendly of the 5 methods we tested, with just slight browning.

A few caveats: us tested these approaches using avocados that were the very same size and purchased in ~ the very same time, picking them out by touch come determine comparable levels the ripeness. However busy produce departments room constantly restocked, so there's a opportunity that few of our avocados were older than others. Since we provided avocados the were currently ripe, we meant to watch some browning v each preservation method, specifically after two days in the refrigerator. As they say as soon as determining a car's gas mileage, "your results may vary."

What's her strategy because that keeping cut avocados from browning? Share your tips in the comments.

-- grant Butler

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