MENLO PARK, CA - DECEMBER 09: A Menlo Park fire department cadet extinguishes a Christmas tree fire throughout a holiday security live fire demonstrate on December 9, 2010 in Menlo Park, California. The Menlo Park fire department hosted their annual holiday safety live fire demonstrate to encourage fire safety during the holidays. Demonstrations utilizing live fire verified how conveniently fires deserve to consume a house when a dried Christmas tree comes in contact with fire or candles are left unattended. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

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Posted at 11:09 AM, Dec 01, 2019

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) -- with Thanksgiving in the rear-view mirror, it"s time to placed up the tree.

Although real trees keep your house looking festive throughout the month that December, they likewise pose a fire risk.

Between 2013 and 2017, fire departments throughout the country responded come an typical of 160 home fires that began with Christmas trees every year, according to the nationwide Fire protection Agency.

Those fires resulted in an typical of three deaths, 15 injuries and also $10 million in straight property damage annually.

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There are some ways you can safeguard your tree this year. Inspect out some tips below:

Buying a Tree

Needles on new trees should be green and hard come pull ago from the branches, and the needles need to not rest if the tree has actually been fresh cut. The trunk must be difficult to the touch. Old trees deserve to be figured out by bouncing the tree trunk on the ground. If numerous needles fall off, the tree has been reduced too long and has more than likely dried out and also is a fire hazard.When purchasing an artificial tree, be sure it is labeled together fire-retardant.

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Choose a sturdy tree was standing designed not to reminder over.When decorating Christmas trees, constantly use for sure tree lights. (Some lights are designed just for at home or the end use, yet not both.) bigger tree lights should also have some form of reflector fairly than a bare bulb and also all lights have to be provided by a experimentation laboratory.Never use electrical lights ~ above a metal tree.Follow the manufacturer"s instructions on exactly how to use tree lights. Any kind of string the lights v worn, frayed or damaged cords or loosened bulb connections should not be used.Check her strands of lights to identify the variety of strands that may be connected. Attach no much more than three strands that push-in bulbs and a best of 50 bulbs for screw-in bulbs.Try to position the tree close to an outlet so that cords space not running long distances. Carry out not location the tree whereby it may block exits.Always unplug Christmas tree lights prior to leaving home or going come bed.Never use lit candles to decorate a tree, and also place them well away indigenous tree branches.Do not place your tree close to a warmth source, including a fireplace or heat vent.Try to keep live trees as moist as feasible by giving them plenty of water daily.Children room fascinated with Christmas trees. Keep a watchful eye on them when about the tree and also do not let lock play v the wiring or lights.

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After the holidays

Safely dispose that the tree once it starts dropping needles. Dried-out trees are highly flammable and also should not be left in a residence or garage, or placed versus the house.Never placed tree branches or needles in a fireplace or wood-burning stove. Once the tree i do not care dry, discard the promptly. The best way to dispose of her tree is by acquisition it to a recycling facility or having it hauled far by a neighborhood pick-up service.Inspect vacation lights each year for frayed wires, ceiling spots, gaps in the insulation, broken or cracked sockets, and excessive kinking or wear before putting them up.Bring outdoor electric lights within after the holidays to protect against hazards and also extend your life.