The average person spends a whopping 110 minutes every day on family members maintenance, and most of that time goes come cleaning. Tackling dust deserve to seem like a never-ending job. 

There room some methods to stay ahead that it. Check out on for five tips on how to prevent dust to save your residence sneeze-free.

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1. Take her Shoes Off

Did you understand 60 percent the the dust in our homes comes from the outside? we track in all kinds the yuck indigenous outdoors from animal hair to dirt.

Gross, right? The easiest means to keep all the stuff outside is to absent off your shoes as quickly as you acquire home. Even if you don’t have room for a specialized mudroom, you can still encourage every your household members to take it off your shoes and also leave them simply inside the door. 

2. Change Your air Filters

Most HVAC manufacturers recommend you readjust the air filter in your house every three months. But, if your home is at risk to dust, or if who is allergic to it, you should readjust the filters an ext often.

Dust is consisted of of person skin, pet fur, decomposing insects, food debris, lint and organic yarn from clothes and bedding, dirt and cooking debris. Her air filter is your an initial and best defense against all the stuff.

Unless who in her home has actually respiratory problems, girlfriend can get away v using cheap filters and transforming them every 30 days.

3. Wash and Dry Linens and also Other Textiles

You have to wash bed linens when a mainly to get rid of the fine skin particulates that we all shed. Wash sheets, pillowcases, and also blankets in warm water to remove dust and an ext importantly, dust mites.

Don’t forget to wash your pillows, too. A good rule of ignorance is come toss them in the washer every three months. 

The pillows you usage for decoration on her bed and also on your couches require a good cleaning every pair of months. If you can, placed them in the washing machine. If you can’t, then usage the hose attachment on her vacuum come clean them.

4. How to stop Dust? Vacuum her House

If you like to leaving your windows open as soon as the weather’s nice, you’re letting in a lot more than fresh air. Dust and pollen from outside can waft inside and also settle all over your home.

Running the vacuum frequently will reduced down ~ above dust and aid you continue to be ahead that it. You must vacuum high-traffic locations like the family room and also front hall every 3 days. Rooms the don’t get as much use deserve to be vacuumed every week.

Don’t forget the hidden locations that aren’t as obvious. You must run the vacuum under the beds, for example. That’s whereby crumbs, pet dander, and also dust can build up.

5. Reduced Down ~ above Clutter

Dust will certainly accumulate top top every surface in your home. You can cut down on dust by to reduce the variety of surfaces dust can cling to.

Piles the books and dozens the knickknacks offer dust a home. So, keep publications on the shelves and also cut down on the number of small item you display screen in her home.

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Don’t forget her closet. Instead of stacking sweaters ~ above the shelves, you might pack lock in plastic warehouse boxes v lids. 

Final Thoughts

Consider making use of microfiber cloths to dust with, rather of paper towels. Microfiber cloths will trap dust and also keep it from spreading.

We expect these tips have helped price the question, exactly how to stop dust. If friend would like to inquiry a expert cleaning, contact us because that a totally free quote.