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How to save Squirrels native Eating her Pumpkins

With the arrival of autumn comes pumpkins, several pumpkins. And also no one gets much more excited about their arrival than squirrels. Because that squirrels, pumpkins look choose a generosity buffet friend have set out just for them. But in reality, you have no intentions that feeding them much more than you already do. If you aren’t vigilant, you can soon discover yourself through a chewed increase pumpkin (or two) and also lots the money under the drain.

Why not make this year different? take a watch at this 4 ways to save squirrels from eat pumpkins. Once you give these squirrel fending off tips a try, you deserve to keep your pumpkins nibble free. Her pumpkins will last longer, watch great, and you won’t hurt any kind of squirrels in the process.

These squirrel driving away tips space easy, inexpensive, and anyone can give them a try. Take it a look below at 4 means to keep squirrels from eating pumpkins, and see if lock can aid you the end this season!

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Ways to store Squirrels far from your Pumpkins

First, let’s take a look in ~ a few simple things you deserve to do to increase your possibilities of success. First, be certain to offer squirrels one alternative. If squirrels room use to visiting her yard, take into consideration putting out seed, peanuts, or corn to distract them.

You can likewise wait to carve your pumpkins until right prior to Halloween. Freshly cut pumpkins will give off a scent that squirrels space sure come love. If you wait to carve, you hold-up the odor hitting the air. Placing pumpkins close to a high website traffic area might also aid deter squirrels from gaining too cozy.

4 means to keep Squirrels from eating Pumpkins

1. Usage a commercial squirrel fending off spray.This may be among the easiest ways to save squirrels native nibbling. Gardeners regularly use this foul odor spray to save their garden plants safe, and you deserve to use it simply the very same for your pumpkins. To use simply use the spray to the outside of the pumpkin shell.

Pros:– straightforward to use– easy to find

Cons:– product smells prefer rotten food– friend will need to reapply the squirrel warding off spray every couple of days– uses chemicals

I had the ability to find simple to usage squirrel driving away spray on Amazon here. Friend can check it out for yourself and also see if it is other that could work because that you.


2. Shot the power of hot peppers.Squirrels won’t care for the odor or the taste of warm peppers. You have the right to use hot peppers in a couple of ways to save your pumpkins safe. Girlfriend can try rubbing hot sauce top top the shell of the pumpkin and see if that does the trick, or you have the right to sprinkling hot pepper flakes about the pumpkin. If you flourish hot peppers, try soaking some of the pepper skin in water to attract out the oils, then sprinkle those ~ above the pumpkin.

Pros:– inexpensive– easy– chemistry free

Cons:– may need to reapply every few days

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3. Intimidate them with a decoy.Squirrels room scared of bigger prey such as hawks and also owls. You can find these decoys at most basic stores in the home and also garden section. Any kind of other time of year it might feel strange to have an owl decoy on her porch, but hey, it’s Halloween! Prop an owl decoy close to the pumpkins and hopefully squirrels will certainly go elsewhere.

Pros:– you deserve to reuse the decoy native year to year– as soon as you ar the decoy out you don’t need to take any type of other action– chemistry free

Cons:– decoys have the right to run around $15-$20

I to be able to uncover a reasonable owl decoy ~ above Amazon here. Girlfriend can inspect it out and see if it may work because that you. This example has a rotating head, therefore the movement may be enough to save squirrels from acquiring close.

4. Sprinkle part dog fur.This may seem prefer a strange idea, yet it may really well work. Squirrels will have the ability to smell the hair and also fear a predator is nearby. Shot sprinkling part dog fur, or also cat fur, along the top/stem that the pumpkin i m sorry is generally where squirrels start nibbling. Because there is frequently a ridge in this area, the hair should settle in and also not move.

Pros:– free!– straightforward to use– chemical free

Cons:– if girlfriend don’t own a dog or cat, you will must ask someone for fur, and well that might just feeling strange!– you might need to reapply every couple of days

What repels squirrels?

Over the years, I have tried various approaches when it comes to repelling squirrels. That is worth mentioning that when it comes to my garden, soap shavings have actually prevented them native digging up mine plants. While ns haven’t tried this method with pumpkins, that is precious a shot!

Whenever civilization ask me what repels squirrels in the garden, soap shavings are constantly my go to answer. Girlfriend can find out exactly how to repel garden pests v Irish spring soap here.

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If you are looking for straightforward ways to save squirrels from eat pumpkins, why not provide these ideas a try? If you put a great deal into your loss porch decor, lock can assist your screen last a tiny while much longer and assist you get more bang for your buck.

As you deserve to see you have chemical cost-free options, inexpensive options, and even fun options (hello, owl!) the you can utilize. Which among these squirrel pushing back tricks are you looking forward to trying?

Don’t permit squirrels acquire the best of her pumpkins. Provide these ways to store squirrels indigenous eating her pumpkins a shot and see how well they occupational for you!