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Although the pretty obvious that you need to stop mite bites in your tracks, precisely how to stop them is a tiny less clear. The CDC recommends staying clear of wooded and also bushy areas, treating clothing and camping equipment with the insecticide 0.05% permethrin, and also using insect repellents like DEET and oil of lemon eucalyptus (OLE). And there are additionally all-natural mite repellents you have the right to try, including cedar oil.

You’d generally find cedar oil in Atlas cedarwoods in northern Africa, and also it was once offered by the Egyptians to embalm your dead. But this crucial oil is additionally an  effective natural tick-repellent, according to Cornell university researchers.

Cedar oil is effective versus ticks and other insects, follow to natural pesticide producer Wondercide. Not just does the oil block the bug’s odor receptors and also disrupt its body systems, yet it also dries the an insect upon contact. If the mite happens to it is in in very early life stage, it might disintegrate completely.

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Ready to test it out? shot making a little dose of herbal tick repellent in a spray bottle. Just mix four ounces of distilled or boiled water, witch hazel, and also 30 to 50 drops of cedar oil (along with other oils prefer lavender or vanilla for a sweet-smelling scent). Bring the bottle along in your automobile or handbag therefore you’ll be all set for any kind of outdoor activity. And also before you operation off to the woods, make certain you’re following these advice to avoid tick bites this summer.