Medically the evaluation by J. Keith Fisher, M.D. — written by Rachel Nall, MSN, CRNA top top September 16, 2019

Weak ejaculation refers to a palliation in the quantity of semen a human being ejaculates or a reduction in the pressure of the ejaculation. Doctors may likewise call weak ejaculation delay or inhibited ejaculation.

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Experiencing routine weak ejaculation is rarely reason for concern. However, consistent alters to a who ejaculation might warrant a visit to the doctor.

The underlying reason of weak ejaculation may be physical or psychological. In part cases, both factors may it is in involved.

This write-up outlines the potential causes and symptoms that weak ejaculation. We likewise discuss therapies and carry out information on when to watch a doctor.

Share ~ above PinterestMany human being experience regular weak ejaculation.
Weak ejaculation occurs when a person has actually both the sex-related stimulation and desire come ejaculate however experiences one of two people or both of the adhering to symptoms:

reduced pressure of ejaculationreduced lot of semen

Weak ejaculation may also an outcome in a human experiencing much less intense orgasms. This endure is more likely to be the situation as an individual becomes older.

According to the International society for sex-related Medicine, the average semen volume every ejaculate arrays from 1.25 to 5 milliliters (ml). This amount is the equivalent of one-quarter to 1 tespoon of semen.

It is essential to keep in mind that semen volumes can vary indigenous one time come another. A human being who has actually not ejaculated for number of days is likely to ejaculate more semen 보다 someone who ejaculated an ext recently.

Also, part males release little amounts the ejaculate regardless of having usual sperm counts.

According to a 2016 review, ejaculation quantities of much less than 2 ml ~ above two different occasions may signal an underlying medical disorder.


Doctors have identified plenty of different components that may affect ejaculation. Examples incorporate the following:


A male ejaculation might decrease in force and also volume together he ages. Doctors regularly attribute this to reduced levels of male sex hormones.


Drinking alcohol might decrease blood circulation to the penis and depress the central nervous system. These knock on results will an outcome in lessened sexual excitement.

Psychological factors

The adhering to psychological determinants can all influence someone’s capability to ejaculate when they to compare it to exactly how they did therefore previously:

changes in attraction come a partnerpast mental trauma

Nerve damage

Damage to the nerves in the spinal cord, bladder, or other areas that influence ejaculation can affect semen flow.

Males with diabetes might be particularly prone to nerve damages induced ejaculation issues.

Sometimes, nerve damage leads to retrograde ejaculation. This condition is where some or all of the ejaculate goes back into the bladder rather of exiting the penis.

Prostate conditions

Having an enlarged prostate or prostate cancer can both influence ejaculation. Additionally, people who have had actually prostate surgery may experience alters in ejaculation because of nerve damage from the surgery.

Sexual factors

The place a human being adopts when they space engaging in sex, and a short duration of sex-related stimulation may influence the soot of their orgasm. In turn, these determinants can impact their ejaculation.


Share top top PinterestCertain medications may reason weak ejaculation.

Certain drugs can likewise cause weak or delay ejaculation. Instances include:

antipsychoticsmuscle relaxants

A human who is involved that their medication might be resulting in ejaculation difficulties should talk to their doctor. Human being must not prevent taking prescription medications without your doctor’s consent.

The treatments to help relieve weak ejaculation count upon the basic cause. Some potential therapies are as follows:

Pelvic muscle exercises

In part cases, doctors might recommend performing Kegel practice or part other form of pelvic muscle exercise. These exercises help to strengthen the muscle that control ejaculation. They may be particularly beneficial for anyone who ejaculation problems are the an outcome of herbal aging.

Kegel exercises involve tightening and also releasing the pelvic floor muscles. These room the muscles civilization can feeling if they protect against their urine flow midstream.

In the situation of males, they have to contract the muscles because that 5 secs at a time, then release the contraction. Repeating this process 10 come 20 time completes one collection of exercises. Males have to aim to perform three or 4 sets every day.


There are currently no Food and also Drug management (FDA)–approved drugs to treat weak ejaculation. However, doctors might prescribe several different drugs to enhance sexual function.

The type of medicine a physician prescribes will rely on the underlying reason of weak ejaculation. Some instances include:



A doctor might ask a person around any psychological determinants that can be affecting their sex-related function.

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If appropriate, the doctor may make a referral for the separation, personal, instance to see a therapist or psychiatrist, consisting of psychiatrists who might specialize in sexual medicine.