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I recognize this has actually happened to you before; it’s happened to every one of us. You walk to print something indigenous the web and also end up with unwanted images, extra pages and also the next thing friend know, a “replace squid cartridge” message pops increase on her printer.

Not just is the annoying, however ink and paper costs can include up fast. If only there was a much better way. It turns out over there is. Tap or click below to find out just how to conserve money on ink.

This useful browser extension automatically reformats everything you want to print from a website. Navigating bars and also ads are instantly removed, while the text and also images friend want are tweaked so you have the right to read them easily. Keep analysis to discover out exactly how to get the extension and also its an easy instructions.

Easily clean up those printable webpages

PrintFriendly works as an expansion with most browsers, consisting of Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari and more. Or you have the right to simply copy the URL of the write-up you desire to be printed and go come the PrintFriendly website, dough it in the search box near the peak of the page and click preview. All the junk will certainly be removed.


Not happy with the automatic results? PrintFriendly lets you pick what items girlfriend want as soon as printing. For example, dough the URL into the find box, as displayed above, hit preview and also you’ll see the whole webpage.

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Thankfully girlfriend don’t have to print all of it. Just hover your computer mouse over the section you don’t want to print and click the trashcan symbol. Law this clears that section. Remove every ar that you don’t want to print and voila, you have a clean document.

Download instructions

To obtain the PrintFriendly expansion for her browser, navigate to the PrintFriendly house page by click the yellow crate below. Scroll down until you check out a blue button on the right side that the web page labeled “Install the internet browser extension.”

You will watch tabs because that each browser that support the PrintFriendly extension. Select your browser by clicking the tab and then click the switch to add the PrintFriendly expansion to her browser. Once the program has been installed, you will check out a PrintFriendly icon in your browser apps section.

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Now, at any time you need to print miscellaneous in one ink-and-paper-friendly way, click the PrintFriendly bookmarklet and follow the to press steps. Here’s a quick video tutorial for much more detailed instructions.

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Bonus tip: If she someone that does a lot of printing, you’re going to need an effective printer. Purchasing an EcoTank printer from our sponsor, Epson, will cut down the price you’re safety on ink end time.

Epson EcoTank printers come with two years of ink already included, so friend can ultimately kiss those annoying ink cartridges goodbye. Therefore what space you waiting for?