I understand it seems ridiculous to keep 100 percent iphone battery health however still, it’s important to know the best tips to prolong the iphone battery health. So, in this guide, we are going come share the 9 best tips to maintain 100% iphone battery health.

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However, as you all understand the iPhone machine doesn’t come with a large battery capacity choose Android smartphones i beg your pardon have roughly 4000, 5000, or even 7000 mAh. In the meantime, the latest iPhone giants favor iPhone 12 agree Max and iPhone 11 pro Max has a battery volume of 3687 mAh and also 3964 mAh respectively, i beg your pardon is much less as contrasted to it’s equivalent Android.

However, The Maximum volume Readout offers an calculation of the total capacity the battery will carry. New phones room expected to report a 100% iphone phone battery health. Reduced Maximum Power means the iphone phone won’t last as long between charges. Apple says that the iphone that offered 500 cycles have to still retain roughly 80% that its initial capacity. So after 1,000 cycles, you have to still have 50–60 percent that the battery volume remaining, and 30–40 percent ~ 1500 cycles, etc.

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iPhone Battery Health

Apple is utilizing lithium-ion batteries together an iphone phone battery. Compared to traditional battery technology, lithium-ion batteries fee faster, last longer, and have a greater power thickness for longer battery life in a smaller box. Once you recognize a small bit about how they’re operating, they deserve to work a lot much better for you.

Meanwhile, Apple’s lithium-ion battery uses quick charging to conveniently reach 80 percent of its power and then transforms to slow charging. The lot of time it takes to hit the very first 80 percent deserve to vary depending upon your settings and also which system you’re payment for. The linked cycle not only helps you acquire out of right here but likewise increases the life of her battery.

How to save 100 Percent iphone phone Battery Health

Now, this is the general question the every iPhone customers ask themselves that just how to preserve 100% iphone battery health in case of purchasing a brand new and expensive iPhone choose iPhone 12 agree Max, iphone phone 11 agree Max, and some various other models. Don’t worry! Here, we will administer 10 absolutely an important tips to store 100% iphone battery healthy.

9 advice to prolong Your iphone Battery Health

Here space the best 9 advice to keep 100 percent iphone battery health:

1. Allow Low power Mode

The short Power setting lowers the complete power necessity and enables the battery to critical longer. Apple insurance claims that the setting will allow your iphone to gain three extr hours that battery life. The default option that occurs automatically in the background is no the Low strength Mode.

When you enter the remaining 20 percent power, it will be immediately provided: you will check out a warning flash and also the option to turn on Low strength Mode. Perform this and you will uncover that the indicator for the battery turns orange quite than red (or green would be if friend had sufficient power). When you charge past 80 percent, the setting will be switched off immediately again.

By stopping Mail Fetch, Hey Siri, elevator refresh apps, automatic updates, and some intuitive effects, Low strength Mode deserve to reduce power consumption. In fact, on our iPhone, all these functions have already been switched off however Low Power setting still seems to have actually an effect.

Enable Low power Mode:

Go come Settings.Tap Battery.Turn top top Low strength Mode.

Optimized Battery Charging

3. Allow Dark Mode

Dark mode is a brand-new feature that comes in iOS 13. One benefit of the setting is the it deserve to make her screen much more pleasant come see, and also less pressure on her eyes if girlfriend look at it in a darkened room (like you might at night). Another benefit is the by switching off the colors on your iPhone you will need much less power to irradiate up the display, for this reason it’s a good idea to rotate on Dark Mode.

Enable Dark Mode:

Go come the Settings app.Tap Display & Brightness.Select Dark.


6. Defend Your iphone From OverHeating

Most people are leaving their iPhones in your dash, in your vehicles, or on the beach. We’re sitting in straight sunshine, and we’re leaving castle out. This yes, really affects the life the the battery, because when you save it under a warmer atmosphere, it won’t maintain its fee in the long run. Every you have to do is always shot to cover her phone under direct sunlight once you’re at the beach and also avoid leaving, an especially in-car dash, etc. So, stop long-term high temperature that straight hit her iPhone. If her iPhone access time the light, that’s walk to kill the battery. That’s something you desire to save in mind, too.


8. Use initial Charger

One that the most important and useful advice to extend your iPhone’s battery health and wellness is to use the initial chargers and accessories. Always use the original iPhone charger, otherwise, friend might reason harm to the battery the the iphone phone by using cheap chargers. In the meantime, this Apple chargers space specifically tailored to fee your devices, and also they have all the modern technology needed to carry out you v the many optimal charging conditions and also stability for charging her devices.

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Final Words

This write-up was all about how to extend the iphone phone battery health and also we have mentioned the 9 best advantageous tips to save your iPhone’s battery healthy and also last longer. Store in mind that the battery degrade over time, therefore you deserve to see the percentage of the battery or the strength falling over the years, which is going come be considered natural. But if you monitor these an easy tips, you’ll get a lot far better on your iPhone battery life. To know around iOS 14 attributes click here.