Safely clean your greasy kitchen cabinets and keep the grease indigenous returning. These actions work no issue your room material.

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Home cooking often leads to greasy buildup on your kitchen cabinets and drawer fronts. Cleaning greasy cabinet isn’t difficult, however you need to use the appropriate de-greasers and also methods for your cabinet’s materials. Otherwise, you might wind up v stripped or scratched room doors that have to be replaced. To prevent that costly mistake, review on for the ideal methods to acquire grimy grease off your kitchen cabinets.

Tips to cleaning Greasy Kitchen cabinets Safely

Kitchen cabinet doors space made native softer materials than the rest of your cabinet’s box. This help them swing easily without straining the hinges, however it also method they’re easier to damage. Making use of the wrong products or techniques to eliminate grease on her cabinets can destroy the doors also if the remainder of the cabinets space fine. And brand-new cabinet doors space not cheap.

So, never use abrasive cleaners, scouring pads, or stole wool — they’ll damage the finish and also leave scratches that also paint can’t hide. Also, avoid strong cleaning commodities like ammonia, toilet cleaners, or bleach. They might degrease, however they can additionally damage room materials, corrode the finish, and discolor the hardware. If you have wood cabinets, utilizing furniture polishing to light them will trap grease and make the difficulty worse.

How to gain Greasy cabinet Clean

Time required: 30-60 MinutesEquipment:

Towels number of cleaning cloths Spray bottleOld toothbrushCotton swabs — optional


Warm waterDistilled white vinegarLiquid dish soap or Castile soapBaking soda Rubbing (isopropyl) alcohol the 70% or greater — optional


Place the towel at the base of the cabinet you’ll be cleaning or on the countertop if you’re cleaning upper cabinet doors. This will protect your floor or counters from overspray and greasy drips.Mix a room degreaser through combining same parts heat water and also warm distilled white vinegar in a spray bottle or bucket. Then add a tiny squirt of fluid dish soap or Castile soap. Working one cabinet at a time, spray the surface ar you’re clean lightly through the cabinet degreaser. Use the old toothbrush as required to remove greasy buildup ~ above the cabinet hardware. Then wipe through a clean, dry towel along the grain (if wood) or top to bottom to eliminate the grease. Rinse the area by clean everything it through a fresh cloth dampened with level water.To remove food stains, do a paste of baking soda and also water, climate smooth the onto the stain. Wait 5 minutes because that the paste to elevator the stain, and then tenderness wipe that away. Execute not obstacle this paste right into the room when using or remove it because baking soda is abrasive and also can scrape your cabinet’s finish. Be certain to to wash the area v a fresh fabric dampened with plain water.To clean stubborn grease in corners, dive a noodle swab into rubbing alcohol and also apply it to the spot. Wait a couple of minutes, then apply much more homemade kitchen room degreasing spray and also wipe. Do not use this method near open up flames or pilot lights since rubbing alcohol is flammable. Always complete by wiping with a fresh cloth rinsed under plain water come remove any type of cleaner residue.

How to keep Your cabinet from gaining Greasy

Once you’ve cleaned your greasy kitchen cabinets, friend only should take a few easy steps to save them from getting greasy again.

Always use a splatter screen with frying or sautéing foods items on your stove. A mesh splatter display screen still lets vapor escape, however it catch almost every one of the grease in your pan.

Run your cooktop hood fan while cooking. When you’re cooking, greasy steam escapes the pan. To run your cooktop exhaust pan traps this oily air, so the lands in the fan’s filter and also not on your kitchen cabinets. (Be sure to clean your selection hood filter consistently to save it in safe, functioning order.)

Wipe room fronts at the very least once a week. Store your kitchen cabinet clean and grease-free by clean everything them with soapy water as part of your continuous cleaning routine. If you don’t have actually a great one yet, check out mine weekly kitchen clean checklist.

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