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develop a strong SSID Network Name and also Pre-Shared key

You will also need to do a solid SSID (wireless network name). If you use the router"s default network name (for example, Linksys, Netgear, or DLINK), then you make it easier for hackers come hack her network. Utilizing a default SSID or a commononehelps hackers crack your encryption due to the fact that they can use prebuilt rainbow tables connected with typical SSID names to crack her wireless encryption.

Create a an extensive and random SSID name even though it could be tough to remember. Girlfriend should also use a solid password for her pre-shared crucial to further discourage hacking attempts.

turn on her Wireless Router's Firewall

If friend haven"t excellent so, enable your wireless router"s built-in firewall. Permitting the firewall deserve to make your network less visible come hackers searching for targets ~ above the internet. Numerous router-based firewalls have a stealth setting that you can allow to mitigate your network"s visibility. Also, test her firewall to ensure the you have actually configured the correctly.

use an Encrypted personal VPN company at the Router Level

Virtual exclusive networks supplied to be a deluxe that only big corporations might afford. Currently you can buy a personal VPN company for a tiny monthly fee. A personal VPN is one of the greatest roadblocks you deserve to throw in ~ a hacker.

A an individual VPN anonymizes your true location with a proxied IP address and puts increase a wall surface of solid encryption to safeguard your network traffic. You can purchase a personal VPN service from sellers such as WiTopia, StrongVPN, and also others because that as small as $10 a month or less.

If her router supports personal VPN organization at the router level, this is the best means to perform a an individual VPN. It allows you come encrypt all traffic entering and leaving her network there is no the hassle of setting up VPN client software on your computers.

Using a personal VPN service at the router level additionally takes the encryption procedure burden off of your customer PCs and other devices. If you want to use a an individual VPN at the router level, examine to watch if her router is VPN-capable. Plenty of manufacturers have actually several models the routers v this capability.

Disable the Admin via Wireless function on your Router

Another way to protect against hackers indigenous messing with your wireless router is to disable the admin via wireless setting. As soon as you disable the admin via wireless attribute on your router, it makes it for this reason that just someone that is physically associated to your router through an Ethernet cablecan access the admin attributes of your wireless router. This prevents someone from driving by your house and also accessing the bureaucratic functions of your router if they endangered your Wi-Fi encryption.

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Given sufficient time and also resources, a hacker might have the ability to hack into your network. However, taking the steps over will make her network a more difficult target, hopefully frustrating hackers and causing lock to relocate on to an less complicated target.