As Floridians, we love that us are simply a few hours away from Orlando theme parks. It is among our bragging rights! We have the right to hop in the auto on the weekend and visit take care of Potter, Marvel Island, or acquire selfies with several of our favorite characters like Sponge Bob and also Bumblebee.

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Now you deserve to do this at an unbelievable deal! save up come 20% off your tickets v special Florida resides discounts. Plus, publication with us and get complimentary Early Park admission to play in ~ Hogsmeade in ~ Wizarding world of harry Potter (before the gateways open).

FREE early on Park Admission

Book your Florida resides tickets through Destinations in Florida and get into Universal’s archipelago of Adventure (one hour) before the gateways open (to the general public) with Early Park Admission. This is a good way to discover Hogsmeade in ~ Wizarding civilization of bother Potter, there is no the crowds.

Florida resident Tickets

Take advantage of discount tickets for Florida Residents. Plus, get complimentary Early Park Admission! You can buy at 1-Day, 2-Day, or 3-Day tickets with savings up to 20% off. You can even include Universal express that allows you prior of the line accessibility on rides and attractions in ~ the universal Parks.

Park to Park Tickets

Save 20% top top a 2 and also 3 job multi-day ticket as soon as you buy through us. This ticket allows you come visit both global Studios and also Islands the Adventure top top the same day. This ticket is required if you desire to take it the hogwart Express indigenous King’s overcome to Hogsmeade. This discount Florida resides discount is not available at the former gate.

One Park every Day Tickets

Save 20% top top a 2 and 3 day ticket (that allow you to visit one park every day). This ticket enables you to visit one park day day of her vacation. This ticket will NOT allow you to take the hogwart Express native King’s cross to Hogsmeade. Friend will require the Park to Park Ticket to ride this take care of Potter train. This discount Florida residents discount is not easily accessible at the former gate.

Annual Passholders

If you currently have an annual Pass, universal Orlando is taking treatment of you, too. Castle have extended the annual Passes to incorporate 3 month FREE, just for you. I simply bought my annual Pass a couple of weeks ago. As soon as I experienced this brand-new deal, i was bummed until I heard they extended the annual Passes because that 3 months. The is nice amazing.

Book her Tickets Today

One the our universal Orlando specialists named Siera Duiser is ready to publication your tickets for you. Florida residents prices deserve to vary based on your vacation dates. She can conveniently give you a price for your family vacation. Plus, together a universal Orlando expert she knows how to save you money on various other parts of her vacation consisting of hotel accommodations, dining, pictures, and more.


You can call or text Siera Duiser her directly at 734-771-1290 or email her at siera She is happy come help!

Where execute I pick Up the ticket After ns Order my Tickets?

Once girlfriend order your universal tickets for Florida Residents, we will email friend an E-Document. You will take this E-Document to any Guest Services workdesk at the front entrance to global Studios or archipelago of Adventure. You will display this E-Doc and also a precious Florida id to pick up your park passes.


FAQ about Florida Resident Tickets

Does global Studios examine ID for Florida Residents? Yes, global Orlando will check your id to check you room a Florida Resident.

How execute I Prove Florida Residency for global Studios? You can display any variety of identifications to verify you space a Florida Resident. You can show your Florida Driver’s License, Florida State-issued ID map (must have actually Florida address), Florida voter’s registration card with corresponding photo ID, university ID from a Florida university or university with matching photo ID.

What room the 3 Parks of global Studios Florida? The 2 parks included with this ticket space Universal Studios and also Islands the Adventure. You deserve to also add Volcano only Water design template Park for second fee.

What job is universal Studios the very least Crowded? Weekdays room the the very least crowded days in ~ the universal Orlando Parks. We likewise recommend showing up at opening.


Which global Park has actually Harry Potter? Both parks have actually Wizarding world of take care of Potter. With this brand-new Florida Resident ticket you have the right to take the hogwart Express and also go to Diagon Alley at global Studios and also Hogsmeade at archipelago of Adventure.

Can girlfriend Walk between Universal Parks? Yes! unequal the Disney Parks where you need to drive or take transport in in between parks, you have the right to literally walk in between the global Parks and visit both parks in one day.

Can I lug a Backpack right into Universal Studios? Yes, girlfriend can lug bags and also backpacks into the global Orlando Parks. Your bags will go through a protection check and also x-ray scanner.

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Do I have to Wear a Mask due to COVID-19 in ~ Universal? Yes, universal Orlando Parks perform require confront masks. For Universal’s Volcano Bay, friend only need to wear the masks in restaurants, bars, restrooms, lockers, and also areas with clusters the people.