It take away the average human less than ten seconds to open a wine bottle with a corkscrew.

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But what if you uncover yourself stranded on a desert island (or worse, someone’s house who no drink) through a party of her favorite Burgundy? Is there hope? have the right to you open up winewithout a corkscrew, or needlessly suffer in silence (and sobriety)?

Fear not. Listed below are 9 unexplained – however extremely efficient – ways just how to open wine there is no a corkscrew…

Top 9 ways – exactly how to open Wine there is no A Corkscrew

#1 – The Tree Method

Wrap a towel about the basic of the bottle. Climate firmly fight the basic of the bottle against a tree, wall or any kind of other flat, difficult surface. Each hit pushes the wine against the cork, and eventually pushes the cork out.

#2 – Dropkick Burgundies

This an approach of opening wine there is no a realcorkscrew might seem a tiny wild, however it have the right to work as long as girlfriend don’t drop the alcohol bottle! place the wine party upside down and also hold it between your knees. Consistently strike the base through your shoe till the cork is about halfway out. Then eliminate the cork by hand. This an approach works through sparkling wines, too; simply be sure to let the sit at least ten minutes before fully removing the cork, or be prepared to obtain a wine bathtub in the process!

#3 – The MacGyver Method


Corn holders are a an excellent way to open up wine there is no a corkscrew

#7 – The Cork top top the Snob Method

You know those tiny handles girlfriend place into corn on the cob? lock make great corkscrews, too. Location the corn cob holder into the cork and also gently pull increase while twisting back and forth.

#8 – The Hammer Time Method

Hammer five nails into the cork. Pull them out v the hammer. Pretty fool proof means of just how to open up a wine party without a corkscrew, huh?

And now for a unique bonus method:

#9 – The Napoleon Dynamite

Also well-known as le sabrage, this an approach lets you remove Champagne corks (or any type of other sparkling wine) through a sword. Seriously, exactly how cool is that?

The custom started with napoleon troops and also is still taken into consideration an effective – not to mention entertaining- method for removing corks.

How to open up wine v a knife / knife / sabre:

Step 1: chilled the wine overnight in the refrigerator. If you haven’t, shot soaking the bottleneck in ice cream water beforehand.Step 2: eliminate the foil and wire cage native atop the cork.Step 3: Wipe under the bottle to eliminate all excess moisture.Step 4: uncover the seams top top the bottle. This is wherein the two bottle halves sign up with together.

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Step 5: Tilt the bottle to a 45 level angle. Safely point it away from rather (but you currently knew that, didn’t you?).Step 6: location the dull edge of the sword on basic of the bottle. On slide the sword follow me the seam in the direction of the cork in one liquid motion. If excellent correctly, the sword will “behead” the bottle, taking the party top and also cork clean off. Plus, it provides you look at really, yes, really cool. If not, friend will have a lot of wine and also glass paris everywhere, so security goggles would certainly be prudent. Challenge we suggest, leaving this one come the experts?

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