First off, let me say just how much ns love mine blog subscribers. I get a lot of really good feedback from mine readers that ask questions that regularly go quite a bit beyond the write-ups the i write.

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As an example, I created an short article a while ago testing different methods the posting photos from a desktop computer photo to Instagram. Part worked…some didn’t. But the feedback, recommendations, and added tools that have been tested caused a follow-up article.

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Just check out the comment in the follow-up article and also you’ll check out the good input indigenous readers.

In other words, my reader often aid shape the content right here on Your questions and also input aid me identify common questions and develop contents that tries come answer them.

This post is no exception. I received an e-mail from a subscriber inquiry a good question:

Hi Sean – I’m trying mine darndest to number out just how to short article a tweet top top my facebook timeline. Any kind of ideas exactly how to make the happen?



The an excellent news, is it’s actually pretty simple to carry out this.

Sharing a tweet come your facebook feed is pretty easy, once you recognize the steps. Click come Tweet

So, if you are like David and also in find of a way to post a tweet to Facebook, here are the steps:

Step 1 – find the tweet the you want to share. In this case, I’m showing how to write-up a tweet that one my social media comics.

Step 4 in posting a tweet to facebook is just pasting the URL come the tweet to her Facebook standing update and then posting it.

Step 5 – Just click “Publish” and also you’re done. The tweet will certainly be published to your timeline for everyone to like and share.

That’s it! That’s all there is come it.

Sharing a tweet to on facebook is pretty easy, yet you should be conscious of a couple limitations. Click to Tweet

Well, type of. Just a pair things to save in mind together you execute this:

If the user deletes the tweet, it will cease to present in your facebook timeline anymore.If the user makes their Twitter file private, only those that are permitted to watch their tweets will actually be able to see the tweet.

Other than that, pretty straightforward.

NOTE:Twitter doesn’t sell an easy means to send a tweet to Facebook. Over there isn’t any kind of direct Twitter to facebook connection. Part social networks, choose Instagram, allow you to automatically cross-post your contents to various other networks choose Facebook and also Twitter by simply checking a box. Unfortunately, Twitter doesn’t really offer that capability. If, however, you usage a tool favor Hootsuite to produce your tweets, you deserve to tell Hootsuite to send her tweet to Facebook, together well. Check it out, it’s a pretty nice tool.

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Keep those comments and questions coming. I’ll perform my ideal to answer lock as best as ns can.

If you have a better way to share a tweet to Facebook, leaving it in a comment and I’ll examine it out!



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