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Step 1: walk to CraigsList.org

Once you are inside, click the city (choose the region an initial and climate the city) that you desire to article your ad in.


Step 2: click on “Post to Classifieds”

Once you have gotten in the city, click “Post come Classifieds”. This button shows up on the top left-hand edge of the webpage.

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Step 3: pick Your kind of Posting

You’ll be resulted in the complying with page. Pick the type of advertisement you’re posting. In this case, you will do it be selecting “service offered” and click on “Continue”.


Step 4: pick a organization Category

Pick the group your organization falls under and click top top “Continue”.


Step 5: Sign-Up Prompt

As pointed out in action 2, you’ll get a prompt to create an account ~ above Craigslist to article an ad.

Enter your email ID and click top top “Create account”.

Step 6: develop a Password

You’ll be triggered to produce a password. Produce your password and click ~ above “Set Password”.

Step 7: terms of Use

Once she done, you’ll obtain a prompt with the regards to use. After offering it a read, click “I Accept” if the is within your requirements.

Step 8: select Your company Location

Once you’re done, select your company location and click top top “continue”.

Step 9: Create ad Copy

Add one appropriate advertisement title and details around the services that she offering. Store in mind that these two aspects are vital to your target audience responding to your ad. Fill out your details location and postal password as well.

Step 10: select Your medium of Contact

Once you’re done, pick your an option of contact. You have the right to have her responses sent to your email ID, contact you v phone or text, or to her Craigslist account. In addition to this, you deserve to even pick to have actually your location show up on Maps.

Craigslist additionally gives friend the choice to filter out any inquiries around additional information about your business. In situation you have no such interests, just tick the “ok for others to contact you… or commercial interests” option that appears at the bottom of the form. Once you’re done, click “Continue”.

Step 11: include Images to Your advertisement Copy

You’ll be asked to include images come your ad copy. Friend can include a maximum of 24 pictures and the first one the you include will it is in the featured in the ad. When you’re done, click on “done through images”.

Step 12: Preview and Publish her Ad

You’ll acquire a preview of what your ad copy look at like. If she happy through the copy, you have the right to publish it.

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Note: as soon as you click on “publish”, you will be sent an email with a connect that you deserve to use come make any type of further alters to your ad.

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