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Looking for the easiest means to hang lights on your Christmas tree? below is just how to hang your lights vertically to conserve time and also lights!

I make the efforts something new on my Christmas tree this year and it has totally changed the way that I will decorate our tree – forever!

Let me ago up a beat.

There is always a dispute in our house – real tree vs. Fake tree.

Sean grew up through a genuine tree, and really loves them.

I gain it – genuine trees smell so good, and also look… real. They space classic and also beautiful.

But ns love a fake tree. It’s simply so easy and – the best part – castle come pre-lit.

I have constantly hated putting lights on a tree. I spent so long going round and also round and wrapping the branches.

My hands get sticky with sap and also everyone wants me come hurry increase so we deserve to put top top the ornaments.

Well, no more, since now ns am doing vertical Christmas lights and also it is so, so lot easier!


How perform you cave vertical string lights?

First, begin towards the ago or outlet the your lights will be plugged into. Ns go ahead and also plug in the an initial strand.

Start at the bottom that the tree at the allude closest come the outlet.

Take the strand all the way up to the height of the tree, stopping before you obtain to the single poking up branch that is commonly there.

Fold the wire and bring it earlier down the tree, spacing it end a few inches.

Once you with the bottom that the tree, take a moment to decision if you want the strands further out the branches (they are much more noticeable) or closer come the stems (they look fainter however the wire is much more hidden.) I favor to carry out a mixture of the 2 to include dimension.

Continue till your strand operation out.

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Plug in the next strand and also tuck any kind of non-lighted section of the strand deep right into the tree therefore it’s hidden.

Repeat till the tree is totally lit!

I supplied 3 standard strands for our 9 foot tree and then went earlier with two strands of world string lights, just across the front section of the tree (since our tree is in a corner). I love the extra pop of the world lights!

Remember that ornaments will hide a the majority of the cords, therefore don’t obtain too worried about tucking it perfectly.


Why is stringing Christmas tree lamp vertically far better than the traditional horizontal method?

The key reason the it is therefore much much easier to hang her string lights vertically is due to the fact that you only have to do one loop roughly your tree.

To cave lights horizontally, you go round and also round. This renders it take forever and leaves a little bit of room because that error.

When you hang them making use of the vertical method, you just go about the tree once. It’s simpler to step earlier and evaluate each section at a time to be certain you like the amount of lights in it.


Video tutorial

Check out this video to see exactly how ns strung the lamp vertically on our tree this year!

Hang your Christmas lights vertically this year! #christmascountdown2020 #christmaslights #christmastree #HappyHolidays

♬ Rockin’AroundtheChristmasTree – Pentatonix

Tips for hanging Christmas tree lights

Here are few of my other ideal tips for lighting your tree:

Always add the lights an initial – it’s method too difficult to include lights after girlfriend have added ornaments.A great rule of thumb is to have actually 100 bulbs for every foot tall your tree is!Always test her strands that lights prior to putting them on the tree. Plug your strand in prior to hanging it come be certain you have actually the plug on the appropriate end. Shot to avoid hanging your lights in perfectly straight lines and also instead weave them roughly branches for a more natural look. Constantly tuck the plug/tag/bare part of strands at their connections deep into the tree come hide them close to the trunk. Space your strands around 3-4″ apart for the ideal coverage.

Merry Christmas!