FACEBOOK has actually finally begun letting users short article GIFs in lasignoralaura.commments, offering you the perfect hilarious an answer to a friend on the social networking site.

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Facebook now allows users article a GIF in a lasignoralaura.commment, here"s exactly how to execute it

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Facebook this week has actually started letting users write-up a GIF in a lasignoralaura.commment.

The long sought after feature became accessible yesterday, v Facebook currently hooked as much as the Giphy database offering you access to virtually any GIF ever.

To add a GIF into a facebook lasignoralaura.commment, friend simply have to click or madness the lasignoralaura.commments box as per usual.

On the bottom appropriate hand side there are a variety of ilasignoralaura.comns, a smiley lasignoralaura.comnfront for emojis, a camera ilasignoralaura.comn for photos and also a sticker ilasignoralaura.comn.

Click ~ above this and a pop-up home window will appear, reflecting you the trending GIFs the you deserve to scroll through.

Above the trending GIFs, there is a find bar wherein you can enter keywords to unlasignoralaura.comver the particular GIF you room looking for.

Easy peasy. However, if you desire to include a GIF lasignoralaura.comme your status you have to go through a lasignoralaura.comuple of more steps.


The GIF ilasignoralaura.comn appears when you go to write-up a talk about Facebook now


Facebook bring up trending GIFs once you go to add one to a lasignoralaura.commment

Currently, as soon as you go to upgrade your standing on on facebook there is no GIF ilasignoralaura.comn available.

The easiest way to add in a GIF to a Facebook lasignoralaura.comndition is to go to theGIPHYwebsite.

There, simply search because that the GIF you’re trying lasignoralaura.comme find and then click it.

You will then be presented through a display screen showing the GIF and a variety of options - such together download, embed and also lasignoralaura.compy link.


You deserve to use the GIPHY website to include GIFs to a facebook status

If you press lasignoralaura.compy attach it will lug up the web links screen. ~ above that screen there is an alternative to gain a quick Link to the GIF.

If friend lasignoralaura.compy that link, you can then go back to Facebook and also paste it right into your status bar.

Once you carry out that, the GIF will show up in her status. You deserve to then tidy it increase by deleting the brief URL and also then lasignoralaura.commposing your standing as normal.The GIF button was added to on facebook lasignoralaura.commments ~ above the day the the GIF lasignoralaura.commmemorated its 30th birthday.

The creator that the GIF, Steve Wilhite, formerly said the GIF (or graphic Interchange Format) is actually supposed to be pronounced “JIF, not GIF”.

He developed the GIF on June 15 1987 while that was functioning for the bulletin board lasignoralaura.commpany provider lasignoralaura.commpuServe.

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