So you’ve been staying in the iTunes world for a lengthy time and also have conserved plenty of songs in your iTunes playlist. It could be a bit of ache if you decide to obtain out the iTunes world and also go into android world. Even though Apple’s music monitoring software renders it straightforward to sync iTunes music come Apple handsets, that is quiet a big problem to transfer iTunes playlist come android. Don’t fear, it’s no longer difficult to pat iTunes music ~ above android now. Here we’ll take a look in ~ several means to deliver iTunes music come android because that enjoyment.

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Method 1: Manual way – drag & Drop

The manual move is a straightforward means if you just want a couple of choice tracks. You deserve to transfer music indigenous iTunes to Android through a USB cable and do it the old fashion method by clicking and dragging.


Method 2: using iTunes to Android Transfer

If you have a large iTunes library, climate the manual method will take too lot time come copy music files from iTunes media folder to your Android device. One more option is to usage iTunes to Android Transfer. It uses an one-click means to transport iTunes music and playlist come Android device.


Download, install and also run iTunes come Android move on her PC. Click the Switch switch in the bottom left, then select the iTunes backup file.Connect your Android phone call or tablet with your computer system via a USB cable, and let the routine detect and also recognize the device.Select “Music” and click “Start Copy” to begin the transfer, you will later discover that the songs, as well as the album, artist, genre, etc. Are provided in your Android.


Method 3: utilizing Google beat Music

Google play Music is another excellent means to relocate all iTunes music to your Android device. It makes iTunes music library be easily accessible to all your Android devices and takes up no storage an are on her phone or tablet.

Head to Google play Music, click the Upload symbol in the height right corner, climate download the Google play Music Manager tool.Install the Music Manager and also sign right into your Google account, it will instantly find and also start uploading all of your music indigenous iTunes to the cloud.Once the upload procedure is complete, all of your iTunes music will appear in the Google pat music app on your Android device.


Method 4: get Music from iTunes to Android via iSyncr because that iTunes

iSyncr because that iTunes provides it simple to transport albums and artists from iTunes playlists to any kind of phone or tablet over WiFi or USB.

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Install iSyncr because that iTunes to android from Google Play.Syncr requires you to download iSyncr desktop on computer, simply input your email attend to and you’ll get a download connect from will create an S icon but not a normal application icon on mechanism tray (Win) or food selection bar (Mac) after ~ download, right-click to communicate with iSyncr Desktop.After installation of iSyncr and also iSyncr desktop, connect android device to PC.Right-click the “S” icon on your Win and also choose android device. Currently you can choose music, artists, albums or playlists and also click Sync to begin transferring process, you’ll uncover iTunes music top top android when the sync has actually finished.