You may have wondered whether it’s always necessary come drill a hole right into concrete to attach something. Drilling a feet is regularly the first option that concerns mind, however is it the best? just how do you affix something to concrete there is no drilling, room there others?

There are countless tried and tested approaches for attaching something to concrete there is no drilling, including masonry nails, and also powder-actuated fasteners, as well as various species of adhesives. The attachment method will depend on the size, shape, and weight the the items you’re attempting to attach.

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This article will discuss a selection of choices to drilling for efficiently attaching items of varying weights, shapes, sizes, and also compositions come concrete.

Common means to connect Something to Concrete

A few methods technique will probably come to mind because that anyone who has hanged a picture, choose using hard wall surface hangers, stonework nails, or adhesive wall hooks. However, there space also an ext powerful options like power-actuated fasteners.

Hardwall Hangers

A straightforward hardware hanger will have actually several pins developed into a plastic hook the you have the right to drive into a wall. These usually are intended for lumber or drywall, but some are comprehensive enough to hammer right into a pitted concrete wall. Many are no well-suited to anything end 20 pounds, though.

Masonry Nails

Masonry nails room an elementary choice made the steel that you hammer into the concrete. They room quick and also easy come do, enabling you to hang images without any type of fuss, return some consider them to be a sloppy fix.

However, the thing you’re hanging will normally obscure the nail from view, for this reason this is not a far-ranging concern for most people.

They’re primarily used come fasten wooden furring strips or floor panels come concrete. Girlfriend can additionally purchase wedge-shaped stub masonry nails, yet they’re draft for usage with kind ties.

Depending ~ above the class of your concrete, a single masonry nail have the right to usually support roughly 20 pounds.

Adhesive wall Hooks

Adhesive wall hooks require a clean, smooth surface. When you peel the paper backing off, apply pressure versus the concrete for 20 come 30 secs to certain the bond. The best weight supported by adhesive wall hooks is only eight pounds.

Both adhesive wall hooks and also hardware hangers can be beneficial for put hooks to hang coats in ~ doorways or rows of tricks for straightforward access.

Powder-Actuated Fasteners

Powder-actuated fasteners usage a powder charge to fire nails or pins into the concrete. These use gunpowder and also can it is in dangerous. You have to only usage them on poured concrete and also wear the appropriate eye and ear protection throughout use (source).

Powder-actuated fasteners and also concrete nailguns are commonly used to fastened wooden frames come concrete slabs. Some of the fasteners used contain plastic flutes top top the head to avoid them native backing out once they’re in place.


Image by U.S. Fish and Wildlife company Northeast region via Flickr

Insulating Concrete develops (ICFs)

The distinct Insulating Concrete develops are user-friendly molded wall surface systems the fit together, lot like lego blocks. These space usually hollow blocks the foam v polystyrene or steel ties the you will certainly reinforce with rebar and also pour the concrete right into (source).

The foam on one of two people side will certainly serve as insulation in between the concrete and whatever wall surface facing you placed on it.

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The grid sample of ties within this blocks often serves together hardpoints the you can affix items come by screwing them right into the polystyrene or polypropylene rather of the concrete. This hardpoints are marked on the foam insulation so that you know where to place your fasteners.