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hello!so yesterday i lastly got mine scarecrow fangs - i’ve offered them before and also they rock, other than the adhesive wouldn’t continue to be on properly and i ran out of materials. This day i bought denture glue in hopes it would certainly help, but it’s no holding on at all — it simply sticks to mine gums and also doesn’t hold onto the fangs no matter how long i organize them in. I’m a slacker, i know, halloween’s tomorrow, yet can anyone help? ns heard that thermoplastic yet i nothing think i deserve to buy part irl - it all seems to be online and also shipping isn’t fast. Help?

hello!so yesterday i ultimately got my scarecrow fangs - i’ve provided them before and they rock, except the glue wouldn’t remain on properly and also i ran the end of materials. This particular day i bought denture adhesive in hopes it would help, but it’s not holding on at every — it just sticks to mine gums and also doesn’t organize onto the fangs no matter how long i organize them in. I’m a slacker, ns know, halloween’s tomorrow, but can everyone help? ns heard that thermoplastic however i don’t think i have the right to buy part irl - it all seems to it is in online and shipping isn’t fast. Help?
If lock fangs are smooth plastic you might need to rough them increase a little bit for the denture glue to hold. Try a scouring pad (preferably one without soap lol), stole wool, or sand record to turbulent up the area glue comes into contact with.

I agree through Larry. It can be that the plastic is as well smooth. Genuine dentures are typically a little rough whereby they come into contact with gums and also the roof the the mouth so the denture adhesive sticks far better to them and also your gums. Roughing increase the plastic should help make the adhesive stick.
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