Wondering around how come set a picture as the lift on Galaxy clock Active? ns know; how exciting it deserve to be to include your own picture on the clock face. Due to the fact that I’ve supplied Galaxy watch before, i know precisely what you room looking for.

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There room two different ways to include a tradition background to your Galaxy Watch; one method is with your watch, and the second, Galaxy Wearable App.Before digging right into the process, income your favorite snapshot from her smartphone right into your Galaxy Watch.

Follow these measures to Import pictures from her Smartphone right into Galaxy Watch:Download the Galaxy Wearable application from beat Store.On the Galaxy Wearable app scroll under to include content to your watch.Then, tap on Send Images.After that choose all photos you desire to import.Finally, tap top top Done.Once your hand-picked pictures have been sent out to her Galaxy Watch, now it’s time to collection the picture as background.
How to collection Picture together Galaxy Watch active Background?Step 1: choose My Photos+Step 2: madness on include PhotoStep 3: choose Your favourite PictureStep 4: Customize her Watch FaceStep 5: it’s Done!The 2nd WayWrap Up

The below procedure elaborates exactly how you can include a custom photo as the lift on Galaxy watch Active.


Once including photos come Galaxy Watch, long-press ~ above display and select mine Photos+ from the provided options. Next, insanity Customize alternative on my Photos+. This will ultimately take you come the add Photos option.

On the include Photos section, it’s noticeable that girlfriend can add photos, yet you can additionally swipe left-right on the display screen to check out which photos you already have on your Galaxy Watch.For a next note, the watch allows you conserve up come 20 photos in ~ a time.
Now tap on include photos; that will lug you straight to the gallery wherein all your photos are saved. Then, pick the picture you desire to collection as background and press OK.


Now you will be redirected come the customization challenge section, wherein you deserve to personalize the picture as friend wish. You have the right to play with background, color, and font to do it watch cool.

It’s done. You have actually successfully set a custom picture of your an option as the background on Galaxy clock Active. Kudos!

The 2nd Way

The second way is with the official Galaxy Wearable app.Follow these procedures to add a tradition Background in Galaxy Watch:

First, download and install the Galaxy Wearable app.On the app, swipe left and move on to the Watch challenge section.Now, scroll down to the Wallpaper.Tap ~ above Customize.Finally, personalize the watch challenge according to her preference.

Wrap Up

Hope this fast guide assisted you collection a tradition watch challenge on your Galaxy clock Active. Both the process shown above worked for me.If you get stuck during the process, feel cost-free to let us know in the comments. We will certainly reach you in ~ 24 hours.

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