Craigslist is a popular location for those looking to offer stuff online, but how much do girlfriend know around selling top top the site?

Craigslist is ancient in regards to websites.

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The site was produced in 1995 by a man named Craig Newmark (hence the site"s name). It started as an email distribution perform Newmark placed together come share neighborhood events and also then ended up being a website come share classified ads.

Since the inception, Craigslist has actually hosted millions of classified ads because that jobs, housing, and also many points for sale. Countless world have offered the site to buy, sell, uncover jobs, rental people, and also even get days (although the personal ads are no much longer a component of the site).

If you go to the site now, it feels choose going ago in time. The architecture is straightforward, and also the team behind Craigslist has made a point to keep things simple and not focus on making it as financially rewarding as possible. That provides Craigslist unique contrasted to other classified sites and also is more than likely one reason it has actually stuck roughly for so long. Sometimes less is more.

While some sites have popped up freshly to contend with Craigslist, that is still a thriving marketplace offered by countless people.

If you recognize what you"re doing, you deserve to make an excellent money flipping things on the site, or find an excellent deals on the ingredient you need.

How to market on Craigslist

To list something top top Craigslist, head end to the residence page and also click “create a posting” in the height left edge of the page.

Having one account is not compelled to produce a posting.

If you"re not certain the item you want to sell is allowed on Craigslist, check out this page before going any type of further.

Select your preferred location and what kind of posting you want to create. For many things friend sell, friend will need to pick “for revenue by owner.” That will take you come the web page where you select the category for the article you desire to sell.

Once you choose the category, it will take you to the listing page.

On this page, you will fill out every one of the information about your item. Few of the data is optional, but you have to fill out the title, description, zip code, and email address. Friend can choose to store your email personal if friend wish.

Titles are Important

In your title, shot to it is in descriptive and also include as numerous relevant keywords together possible, so her item will show up in more search results.

For example, let"s speak you"re offering a 1979 Gibson Les Paul Custom electric Guitar that is tobacco sunburst color, and you have the situation you"re placing with it. Instead of just making the title “Gibson electric guitar through the case,” make it “1979 Gibson Les Paul Custom electrical Guitar Tobacco Sunburst + Case”.

You gain 70 characters for the listing title, and if you can fill it increase with appropriate keywords, your item will be v more people.

Use the summary to do the Sale

You can add 1,000 personalities in the description, so this is where you want to to convince buyers why they must buy your item. You re welcome don"t make the listing sound much better than that is, but try your finest to do the sale sound choose a good deal.

Please compose a quick story of just how you"ve used the item and how it has functioned for you. Do it sound choose you hate to let the go, and the only reason you"re gaining rid of the is that you need the money.

The an ext you have the right to make the summary sound like the items is incredible, the much better chance you"ll have of making an ext money and selling the quickly.

In addition to make a great sales pitch in the description, be very detailed through what the sell in the listing includes. Also, list any defects the item may have. If you deserve to make the buyer feel choose they know whatever they should know around the write-up by reading your description, they"ll be an ext confident to with out and possibly purchase from you.

When it comes to pricing the item, I constantly price the slightly greater than what i want because people will shot to negotiate girlfriend down. If I need $100 for something, I might list it in ~ $125, so when the buyer asks if I"ll take $100, I"ll acquire the price I want while make the buyer feel like they"re gaining a deal.

What Optional details Should you Provide?

On height of the forced information, you have the right to also administer some optional details if friend want. Depending upon the items category, you will have actually the choice to carry out things like the make/manufacturer, design number, measurements, and condition.

There are also options choose “cryptocurrency ok,” “delivery available,” “include an ext ads through this seller link,” as well as a ar to encompass your phone call number and also address.

You deserve to fill the end as lot or as little of this info as you want, yet I would be cautious around including my home address. I would fill out all of the item details options, though, so the listing is as complete as possible.

Many human being will desire to with you through text, for this reason you might want to include your phone call number in the listing.

Once you have everything filled out, click continue. The will lug you come a page to get in a location. If you desire to satisfy the buyer at a specific location, friend can enter the address. Otherwise, friend can enter the city and zip code and also click continue.

Pictures space Worth a thousands Words

After girlfriend click proceed on the ar page, you will include images. Photos aren"t forced on Craigslist, yet not adding them is a large mistake. When human being shop online, they want to watch what the item looks like before committing come buy it.

While you desire to explain the article as finest as you deserve to in the title and also description, the pictures are most most likely what the the person who lives will use to decision if they desire it.

If you have actually a modern smartphone, it must be all you should take great photos. Use organic lighting if possible, and also don"t have actually anything in the background. You desire the images to focus on the items only, no that heap of clutter you"ve meant to pick up.


Much better.

Once you"ve taken top quality photos the the item the shows how it looks in genuine life, and also any defects, upload the ideal image first. The an initial image will certainly be the one featured ~ above the listing, and also then friend can add up to 23 others because that a full of 24 shots. 24 is a the majority of pictures, yet the an ext you add, the better!

You desire to make it feel prefer the buyer is stop the items in your hands.

Publish and also Wait

After you upload all the images, you"re officially done v the listing! when you click continue, it will take you come a review web page so you have the right to make sure every little thing is just how you desire it. Then, all you have to do is publish.

When friend hit publish, you will certainly be sent an email with a link. You should click the connect in the email for your listing to be verified and also become active. Girlfriend will likewise use this link to manage your listing if you must make any type of changes or delete it when the item sales.

Your listing will continue to be live because that 45 days, and you will need to renew it if the doesn"t sell within that time.

And now we wait. Relying on the contact technique you chose, you will start gaining responses come the listing either with email or your phone.

Now all you need to do is respond to people who with out, and if someone desires your item, identify a time and also place to carry out the transaction. As result of safety concerns, it"s finest to meet in a busy public area. Friend may even ask the buyer to satisfy at your neighborhood police terminal if it"s nearby.

How to Buy ~ above Craigslist

Buying on Craigslist is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is walk to the site, click the group you want to search in, or click “all because that sale” and either scroll through the listings or go into a search term in the find bar to narrow the listings down.

Once you find an item you"re interested in, call the seller through their preferred contact an approach and see if that is quiet available. Occasionally sellers forget come delete the listing ~ the item has actually sold. If the article is still available, figure out when and where you can satisfy the seller to purchase it. Just like when you sell an item, you"ll desire to accomplish in a for sure location.

Buying top top Craigslist may sound favor a the majority of work contrasted to shopping at your neighborhood retail stores or on locations like Amazon, where the item will be shipped ideal to her door.

The beauty, beauty of Craigslist, though, is that you can find an excellent things in ~ a portion of what you"d pay elsewhere.

You can even discover something because that free! 

I obtained a bunch of for complimentary tile off Craigslist, and it would have price me numerous hundred dollars if I had actually bought the very same tile at a store. We ended up not using the tile, and also I sold it because that $200.

Not a negative profit, and you may have the ability to replicate this procedure in your area to resell things and make some money! Or simply get great deals on items you must buy anyways.

How to stay Safe When handling Strangers ~ above Craigslist

Buying and also selling on Craigslist deserve to work out great, however some things space to be responsibility of as soon as using the platform.

The main things to keep in mind space to watch the end for scams and also fraud, as well as staying safe as soon as meeting people.

When it comes to scams and also fraud, save these things in mind:

Do not carry out payment to anyone you have not met in person.Beware offers entailing shipping – resolve locals you can accomplish in person.Never cable funds (e.g., western Union) – anyone who asks you to is a scammer.Don"t expropriate cashier/certified check or money orders – banks cash fakes, then host you responsible.Transactions are in between users only. No third party provides a “guarantee.”Do no rent or acquisition sight-unseen—that wonderful “deal” might not exist.Refuse background/credit checks until you have met the landlord/employer in person.“Craigslist voicemails” – any type of message asking you to accessibility or check “Craigslist voicemails” or “Craigslist voice messages” is fraudulent – no such service exists.

Here"s what Craigslist needs to say top top their safety page around meeting human being in person:

insist ~ above a public meeting location like a cafe, bank, or to buy center.Do not satisfy in a diverted place, or invite strangers right into your home.Be especially mindful buying/selling high-value items.Tell a girlfriend or family member where you"re going.Take her cell phone follow me if you have one.Consider having a friend accompany you.Trust your instincts.

As lengthy as girlfriend stick to this guidelines, you must be fine! Many world are worried about their safety when it concerns dealing with Craigslist, however the amount of violent crimes associated with the site is minimal.

Now the you know exactly how to buy and also sell safely, it"s time to acquire on Craigslist and also make part money or hunt because that those deals.

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