Making Money and Room For your Upcoming Move

Ryan Finlay is no only mortal. The is a wise and also wealthy Craigslist magician that has spent the past five years honing his craft on among the world’s biggest buying and selling platforms.

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Ryan originally collection out to be a contractor, however after gaining his license he establish the passion simply wasn’t there. Unfortunately, he was $25,000 in debt and also had a family members of 7 to support… for this reason he had actually to number out a way to make some dough quickly.

After talking through a couple of of his friends, he decided he to be going to walk all in top top Craigslist and also see if the couldn’t make a life by buying and selling items on the platform.

Today, Ryan makes well end 6-figures by selling appliances choose washers, dryers, ovens, and refrigerators ~ above Craigslist. He’s doing pretty fine considering the reality that that recently relocated his entire family to Hawaii.

You have the right to read much more about his story and how that teaches civilization to make a living outside the crate on his blog ReCraigslist. However today, we space using Ryan and also his mad Craiglist an abilities to show you exactly how to sell on Craigslist, making both money and also room for her upcoming move!

What is Craigslist?

While it’s definitely not everyone’s score to quit their job and become a full-time Craigslist hustler, over there is tho a many to learn from Ryan’s story.But before we gain started, stop answer a inquiry you may or may not it is in wondering… what is Craigslist?

Unless you have been life under a rock for the past couple decades, yes sir a great chance did you do it stumbled top top the website in ~ some suggest or another.

But, because that those who don’t know — Craigslist is an online classified advertising company that provides localized buying and selling markets. The word “localized” is what separates the from platforms choose eBay… and it’s what makes Craigslist such a useful tool.

If you desire to remove your microwave, you don’t have to FedEx it across the country, you deserve to just sell it to who on Craigslist that stays in her city.

With that said, this localization can be rather sketchy for buyers and sellers, so it’s vital to be safe on the platform — you have the right to read much more about this towards the end of the article.

The Perfect relocating Tool

This localization is what provides Craigslist the perfect tool for individuals who are around to move. Take it a look roughly your house, your garage, and also your basement — what execute you see?Lots and lots the stuff… many of i m sorry you probably haven’t supplied in years.

Moving is a an excellent experience because it forces world to lighten their load a bit and also let walk of every the numerous items they have hoarded end the years. Not to mention, letting walk of these items have the right to be nice lucrative… placing some extra adjust in her pocket you deserve to spend when you move to your new place.

In this article, we room going to tell you how to market on Craigslist. Don’t acquire us wrong, Bellhop loves moving your priceless belongings for you, but we are constantly looking for methods to assist our customers conserve money — and, there is a lot of money to it is in made and saved ~ above Craigslist!

How to make a Craigslist Account

Alright, so you are all set to start offering on Craigslist, however you aren’t sure just how to make a Craigslist account. Fortunately, it’s a super-easy set-up. You can have an account up and also running in less than 5 minutes.

Steps to opened up a Craigslist Account:

Immediately after ~ submitting her email, Craiglist will send friend a confirmation email and a link. Click the connect to verify her account.You will then it is in asked to develop a password and also accept the terms and conditions.

After completing this three simple steps, you will certainly be prepared to post your first item on Craigslist. Following up, fine teach you how to short article on Craigslist together with what items are many sought ~ on the platform.

How to write-up on Craigslist

Our just qualm around Craigslist is the sub-par level the user-friendliness — posting top top Craigslist can be a little tricky, so be sure you room paying close attention to adhering to steps.

Steps to posting ~ above Craigslist:

Click “Post come Classifieds” in the optimal left edge of the page. You will be inquiry which classification you desire to write-up in–choose the suitable category.You will now be request to enter all the details because that your short article — price, description and the email you would certainly like world to reply to. When you have actually completed filling the end this information, struggle “Continue”.Upload photos from your mobile call or computer. Once you are happy with the images that have actually you’ve uploaded, struggle “Done through images”. And, climate hit “Publish”.You will certainly then receive an email with a confirmation connect from Craigslist… click the confirmation link or copy and paste that in her browser. You need to expect her Craigslist advertisement to go live about 15 minute after confirmation.

5 advice to much better Sell top top Craigslist

Now because that the fun component — customizing and also hacking your Craigslist articles so the your commodities are more likely come sell. Below are 5 tips to help you much better sell ~ above Craigslist:

Take clear fresh photos. Shoppers are exceptionally visual, and if they are spending money on other they can not touch and also feel, they expect to have the ability to get a great look at the product, in ~ the very least. Wherein a lot of Craigslist sellers go wrong is that they don’t carry out high-quality photos for their customers. Make certain the images you take of the items you market look professional. That means no blurriness, no dirty wash in the background and no nasty looking surface underneath the items you space taking a photo of. Revolve the lamp on to get nice lighting, clean up the item before posting it, and also take a snapshot of the product on a quite hardwood surface.Write basic descriptions. her product summary should be easy sufficient for a 7th grader to understand. Don’t be fancy, just gain what you room trying come say across to the client in as few of words together possible. Also, this goes without saying, but make certain you don’t have a bunch of typos in your ad!Write captivating titles. through that said, if you are going to get descriptive, the location is whereby it should be. Rather of writing, “Samsung T.V.”… you need to be writing, “Awesome 42 inch Samsung LED TV”. As a customer, which space you more likely to click on?Consider batching similar items. stop hypothetically speak you are marketing a dozen or for this reason tools. Rather of listing each tool individually, batch them with each other in one advertisement for a bulk price. Someone who is searching for a hammer more than likely wouldn’t psychic buying a screwdriver and a pair that pliers. That will allow you to sell your items an ext efficiently if making your customers feel prefer they are acquiring a great deal.Set a attributed on her products. You should be creating a feeling of urgency in the buyers who space thinking about purchasing her product. That means don’t post an advertisement for whole month — short article it because that 3-6 days. Make the human being looking at it feel like they have to make a decision quickly before time operation out.

How to market on Craigslist Safely

For the many part, Craiglist is an extremely safe site and also community… but this doesn’t median there no room to be careful. Before letting you run off and make hundreds harnessing the strength of this brand-new knowledge, we want to give you just a few safety tips. Right here is how to offer on Craigslist safely:

Always satisfy in a public. accomplish at a Starbucks, inside a Target or in the parking lot of a windy bank. Simply make sure you are meeting in ~ a ar where there room a lot of people.Your residence is off limits. never ever under any circumstance invite who to your house or share your resolve with them.Use your spidey-senses. If something feels a small off around a buyer, just leave. Over there is no factor to placed yourself in an uncomfortable situation. At the finish of the day, it’s only money.Pack a cellphone or a friend. in ~ the very least, you should carry along a cellphone v a good charge. And if you have a muscular friend carry him or her too.Be careful with high priced items. civilization are much more willing come commit a crime end a $500 iPhone than say a pair of socks (granted we don’t understand why anyone would certainly buy socks ~ above Craigslist). Anyways, it is in extra mindful if you are selling high-priced items.

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A few Final thoughts on just how to market on Craigslist

You currently have everything you require to end up being a Craigslist tycoon. Prior to you understand it, you will have actually some extra space and part extra change in her pocket for her upcoming move. And, who knows, you may uncover that you desire to make Craigslist a full-time gig… i beg your pardon would average you would need to move again… to Hawaii.