If you want to keep old movies or TV mirrors stored top top VHS tapes, here"s how to transfer them ~ above DVD or convert them to a digital video format that you deserve to play on your computer, tablet or phone.

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Transfer your old VHS tapes for this reason you can watch them on DVD or laptop, call or tablet

ByMike Bedford| 02 Dec 2019


If you want to go down this route, below are the steps to take.

How perform I convertVHS todigital?

Step 1.Connect her VHS video clip player to your pc using the cable or cables gave with your preferred software. It must look something prefer the picture above. You might need a unique Scart cable which has actually the red, white and also yellow cables, or your video player may already have this outputs. (You won"t be able to use front-mounted white, red and also yellow connectors space these are nearly always inputs - no outputs.)

Step 2. The process of digitising your VHS tapes need to be simple enough. Start the recording software program (which comes v the USB catch dongle) on your computer and play her VHS tape indigenous the point where you want the record to start.

Step 3. stop the recording software at the finish of the video, and stop the video VHS cassette..

Step 4. If you"re burning the captured video to DVD, your software should provide an alternative for this, yet if not, you have the right to use something choose Freemake. This will certainly take the digital video captured from her VHS tape and record it come the DVD.

Insert a blank DVD right into your computer"s DVD writer (if it doesn"t have one, you deserve to buy an inexpensive USB DVD writer foraround £15/$15 from Amazon).

There"s tiny point in burning the paper to Blu-ray together the bad quality of VHS renders it a waste of money. DVDs space cheaper and offer much better quality than VHS anyway.

How can I watch the captured video on my phone or tablet?

Freemake supports most video formats, so carry out read our thorough guide to converting videos to various formatsif you desire to convert the captured video clip to MP4 which is supported by phones and also tablets. To watch the video on her phone or tablet, it"s as basic as connecting the maker to your computer using its USB cable.

Then, if you have an Android device, look because that a an alert for USB options as - by default - that will only charge and also not allow paper transfers. The options will vary between Android devices, but once you"ve collection the USB mode for file transfers, you have to see it show up as a new drive in Windows record Explorer.

Copy the MP4 video paper you saved earlier to the Videos or movies folder on your Android device. It must then be clearly shows in your default video clip app.

If you have actually an iPhone, you deserve to use iCloud journey to keep the video and then accessibility it via the files app. One more option is to income the MP4 video clip into her iTunes library, then connect your phone (or iPad) to your computer and drag and drop the record from your library come the device.

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