Look approximately you. If you’re in any kind of social setup whatsoever, the chances are the a majority of the human being you see are using their phones.Everywhere girlfriend look this days, everyone is on their phones. Even if it is you’re in ~ work, at a restaurant, at a baseball game, or also sitting in traffic!

We’ve come to be immune come the social customs of our stays pre-cell-phone era. These to be the glory days, wherein we weren’t glued come our “smart” phones. It seems choose a life time past. Now, we’re enslaved to our tiny pocket-sized devices, and it’s taking away a many of happiness in our lives.

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I know firsthand how difficult it have the right to be to set down your phone, however I urge you to try. Sometimes, once I acquire over the seeks to texting, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Googling every sorts of random things on mine phone, I in reality realize a lot of of great things happening.

Here room 8 points that commonly occur anytime I do put my phone down.

1. Ns Become an ext Productive

When I’m no wasting time far looking at arbitrarily pictures, videos, statuses, updates, and also blurbs about nothing, ns actually gain a the majority of work done. Together an entrepreneur, i spin a lot of plates in ~ the exact same time and try my finest to perform as lot as possible. Whether creating a blog favor this, networking online, running my podcast, or working on my next project, there’s always something productive that I can be doing. However, I always seem come get caught up in fiddling about on mine phone, and I uncover that less work gets done. As soon as I placed the phone down though (far away from me), my calculation skyrockets!

2. I Become much more Social

I frequently have a tiny rule about phones when it pertains to being through a friend: “Don’t usage them!” when you’re through someone, especially say on a date, or in another situation whereby you space trying to obtain to know someonebetter, making use of your call is perhaps the greatest insult to the interaction you could make. It entirely takes the social aspect and connection the end of the attempt at connecting!

I don’t usually do this, however every when in a when I’ll forget my very own rule and also I’ll look through an email or a text for a minute or two. However,when i realize what I’m doing, I’ll apologize to whoever I’m with and also put mine phone down. When I carry out so, I come to be much an ext social and much an ext engaging.

3. I Am less Stressed

When I placed my phone call down, it seems to release a little of stress and also anxiety gathered within me. I no longer worry around emailing back someone who’s just emailed me, ns don’t worry around texting someone, and I don’t worry around being crude oil if I’m v a friend. As good as cell phones are, they also are the root reason of a lot of stress. Once you put them down you’ll realize this too.

4. Ns Live In The Moment

Along the same lines the being much less stressed, come living in the moment. Once you put your phone away, you take in the world and see an ext clearly. Friend don’t think around the future, favor what your solution is going to be, what you must say in her email, exactly how to indigenous a text, what you must be posting, etc. Instead, girlfriend live in the now, in the present and also beautiful moment!

5. I Live In Reality, not In A virtual World

As an excellent as modern technology is, and it is nice awesome, the does have actually its downsides. One of those downsides is living her life v a screen. This is a virtual simulation, and not important the people you’re an alleged to live in. We room not computers, we room humans! modern technology is great, but technology can just mimic specific things. It can’t offer you the genuine thing!

When I placed my phone down, I acquire the actual thing. Ns get all of life, with all of its great idiosyncrasies, imperfections, beauties, wonders, tastes, smells, textures, and everything else! I’d choose real sex over porn any type of day of the week. I’d select traveling somewhere end looking in ~ a picture. I’d pick a real friendship end a on facebook friendship! every one of these things actually take place when I placed my phone down and step back into reality!

6. My relationships Are better With Others

My relationships v others room always much better when the phone call is away. Together I stated earlier, I shot to stick with my ascendancy of no being top top the phone once I’m through a friend. It simply takes away from the interaction, and also can it is in disrespectful if who feels slighted or ignored.

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When the phone go down, the level of interaction goes up. Friends, family, girl friend — every love connecting with me once my phone call is away. Surprisingly, our relationships are more the much better because the this.

7. I Feel an ext Empowered

When ns break the chains of phone call enslavement, ns feel much more empowered. Ns feel prefer I to be taking regulate of mine life and proactively deciding the means I pick to live. If I enable every distraction from mine Android to get the much better of mine attention, i feel less in control. Once I take hold of mine focus; however, and proactively decide to put away the disruptions, i feel great!

8. I Am Happier

I to be infinitely happier through the way I manage my phone call proclivities this days. I feel prefer I understand when to usage my phone and also when to let that rest. Mine social, mental, and occupational lives have actually all benefitted native my capacity to placed down mine phone. Ns am definitely happier and also content each and every time mine phone turn off off.

I understand it’s tough. I recognize it’s hard. But try putting under your call today, and just watch what happens. You’ll most likely realize the life is therefore much much more enjoyable once you in reality truly suffer it!

Featured picture credit: Johan Larsson via flickr.com


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