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"An essential source for any kind of parent, educator, or citizen looking for aid in increasing a boy with conservative values." —MARK LEVIN Michelle’s wisdom as a longtime activist, mom, and also mentor to young ladies is needed now much more than ever!” —RACHEL CAMPOS-DUFFY, Fox News Contributor increasing a daughter is hard. Raising her to it is in a conservative have the right to seem impossible. In a long career committed to equipping the following generation the conservative females for leadership, Michelle Easton has worked with hundreds of students and also young professionals. Their backgrounds space as varied as America itself, but in every girl’s life, something go right. Just how to progressive a Conservative Daughter is an invaluable overview to what works. It’s foolish come pretend that the obstacles aren’t enormous. Toxicity social media, radical indoctrination in schools, one entertainment sector that panders come our lowest cravings—the cultural forces arrayed against your family members are terrifying. However you are not helpless. Parents sometimes don’t understand what come do, and often they just don’t carry out what lock know. That is possible, Easton shows, to bite lasting values in her daughter. She tested—and sometimes counter-intuitive—techniques will certainly strengthen your daughter’s heart and mind. Ronald Reagan warned, “Freedom is never more than one generation far from extinction.” and also today, the tragically usual lament of parental is, “We don't know what happened, yet one day we realized ours daughter had actually rejected our many precious values.” There room no guarantees, but savvy, determined, and loving parents have much more than a fighting opportunity of elevating the wives, mothers, and also leaders our country so no hope needs.

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MICHELLE EASTON is the founder and also presi-dent the the Clare Boothe Luce center for Conservative females (cblwomen.org), i m sorry prepares young women for leader-ship in policy, civil society, and also the family. The mother of 3 grown sons, she has hundreds the “daughters” whom she has helped launch into productive and fulfilling adulthood. A lawyer and laborer in the conservative movement since the at an early stage 1970s, Easton functioned through every twelve years of the Reagan-Bush administrations, consisting of in presidential appointments in the Educa-tion Department. She resides in Virginia and Florida with her husband, Ron Robinson.

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Table of Contents

Introduction ix

Chapter 1 Self-Worth flows from God, Not federal government 1

Chapter 2 Family first 15

Chapter 3 America Is Exceptional and Worth Defending 33

Chapter 4 hard Work Is a Virtue 49

Chapter 5 A Woman"s distinctions Are Her strengths 63

Chapter 6 protect Life 77

Chapter 7 regulate Money Early and Often 93

Chapter 8 business to others Yields freedom 111

Chapter 9 Campus activism Isn"t simply for Feminists 125

Chapter 10 Communication skills Are vital 145

Chapter 11 recognize the background of good Conservative ladies Leaders 159

Conclusion 181

Acknowledgments 183

Notes 187

Editorial Reviews

This book is an essential resource for any kind of parent, educator, or citizen looking for assist in elevating a son with conservative values. Michelle Easton has actually written a brilliant item of guidance that every parent will cherish.” —MARK LEVIN, organize of The mark Levin Show“I can’t think the anyone far better suited to compose a book about raising strong, faith-filled, conservative daughters 보다 Michelle Easton. Michelle’s wisdom as a longtime activist, mom, and also mentor to young ladies is needed now more than ever!" —RACHEL CAMPOS-DUFFY, Fox News Contributor and 2018 Clare Boothe Luce center Conservative mrs of the Year“Michelle Easton has detailed the female variation of Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules because that Life. Poignant on whatever from household to finances, Easton’s principles will assist every parent raise his or she daughter the right way.” —LARRY SCHWEIKART, co-author of A Patriot’s background of the joined States and also founder that the Wild people of history (wildworldofhistory.com)“We need an ext conservative ladies in our civilization today, which method that we have to raise young women who demonstrate conservative worths in every part of your lives. How to progressive a Conservative Daughter provides an effective insights on how to do just that.” —SCOTT WALKER, former governor of Wisconsin and president the Young America’s Foundation