Quite simple.. What's the best way to earn money best now? i was constantly told it to be AT, so i grinded because that AT nades, but now reportedly that's fallen through too.

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I'd prefer to acquire a fighter pilot, but just starting off with only the soldier is 200.000 credits. Looking at my mean income, i'll be lucky if i gain that in less than 20 whole hours the playing, the way i normally do. And that's without using any type of AT, and getting a fairly an excellent amount of kills. Let alone, friend know... In reality getting any of the far better planes. (And i'm already cheaping the end on a create for my infantryman's BA rifle right currently 'cause that thing'd take it me one more 4-5 hrs of grind.)


You acquire the Recon plane with acquisition of a pilot and that is every you really must start grinding credits. They room cheap to spawn and also pilots level up in rank quickly which will earn an ext credits indigenous salary.

I know, however - i'm quite honestly not an especially looking forward to earning just money off my salary. I have a reasonably-leveled infantryman and also his salary is specifically what's getting me these short return rates. If ns don't rate up my grinding, it's walking to take me 50 hours to grind the end a recon soldier when i gain to that point, nevermind the higher up tanks, planes and rifles for every one of them.

I was so looking forward to acquiring my cool amphicar, however now i uncover myself having actually to grind just to get the simple recruitment that level 1 soldiers :c

As human being have said, get as lot XP as possible:

Take and also defend points

Steal/Panzerfaust any kind of enemy vehicles you can.

Avoid making use of nades/AT anytime possible.

For tools I recommend any of the following:

SA rifle with just Scout II barrel AND/OR 2nd/3rd tier SMG with just a create mod (Hoarder badge help a lot when using both)

LMG modded just how you prefer it, these room super cheap come maintain contrasted to many guns, simply avoid sniper ammo.

Any various other decently modded tools will cost you at least 2x as lot to repair for the same variety of kills. BA will expense you the most of anything unless you run 2HK (Rank 1 ammo because that 2HK versus Heavy set Gold) and shot to acquire long selection headshots.

Btw dude, if I use my SVT with 7N1 Sniper ammo instead of the at sight exepsnive reconnaissance II barrel doesn't it have actually the same result or why carry out you recommend the barrel end the ammo?

This is my damages curve: http://i.imgur.com/oc6rWkQ.jpg

The fastest way to gain money and also XP is being a pilot, acquisition out tanks is still an excellent but making use of an automatic weapon and capturing objectives is the fastest i have found. Also unlock adversary cars and what no whenever friend can.

I have a grease gun and it kinda sucks... I acquire nothing done anywhere except actuwlly within a building, and also even over there its difficult to outpreform the 2hko garand i have.

Either walk for the Recon plane as countless others have argued or get a STG-44 with only ammo mode or unmodded DP-28. Those kind of tools are very very an excellent and if you store the repair prices low and also only generate cars you make a good profit. BAR is an extremely useful and also cheap as soon as modded right. Modding Tier 2 SMGs with just a trigger would gain you great amounts that XP as well. You should constantly cap and defend though.

If you have actually a Para through a SMG it will work-related even better since friend drop right into action.

Recon pilot is great but only if her a decent pilot. Otherwise para or infantry v a lightly modded smg allude capping. Remain away from BAs or explosives of any kind of kind as they room both expensive

US player hur.

I have all the us classes / subclasses unlocked, and I'm structure credits because that a new faction (SU maybe?)

My plan is come hop on mine infantry and also play the objective prefer a madman. If a para aux chair is open, sure, I'll take it it. But I'm queuing infantry and also I'm utilizing the fastest safest path to the objective and also wreaking destruction as lot as I perhaps can. That helps having a good FPS / open up battlefield game sense.

I don't also bother through tanks. I'll panzer APCs. Be sure to usage an aux chair at least once, since it offers an extra +80xp because that victory, which way extra credits.

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stop listening to this pilot-obsessed-ppl.Get one inf or a para, obtain into staged and cap lid cap, try to end the matches as fast as feasible and try to be in all the caps. Usage an unmoded gun and also you will certainly be making lots of money TBH. This males telling girlfriend to walk pilot just want an ext pilots in que to kill reason they've been flying since 2+years /s


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