Since the majority of podcast discovery is via iTunes/Apple (correct me if I'm wrong), the seems an extremely important for united state podcasters to obtain iTunes/Apple reviews... And that's fairly easy v iOS or Mac however is over there a way for mine Android girlfriend to leaving a evaluation on iTunes/Apple?



I think there could be part misunderstanding or myths being believed here.

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Ratings and also reviews carry out not impact ranking in apple Podcasts. This has actually been prove over and also over, and recently who from apple recently confirmed it.

That said, ratings and reviews space still useful for countless other things to aid you know, engage, and grow your audience.

So back to your question. No, it's not possible for Android customers to leave ratings or evaluate in apple Podcasts (or the old iTunes app). However there are various other podcast apps that enable ratings and also reviews:

Podcast Addict


Stitcher (at least it provided to, however they're missing for currently while Stitcher decides whether to bring ratings and also reviews ago in the new version)



The best method to do this simple for someone to rate and also review in an app that works for their machine is by using a smart page that shows just the appropriate options. For example, look at

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