I recognize this has been inquiry in the past, but wondering if there is any type of progress? Android has actually the larger share of the market, yet Itunes is quiet the arbiter the all things podcast related. Kind of uncover this appalling with so countless extremely better options out there than Itunes.

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Not a podcast creator and also totally happy through podcast addict, however there space a couple of casts i listen come that i would choose to rate and also it seems that isn't possible with top Android apps.


Really what we require is to normalize the practice of rating podcasts exterior of the podcast players. Choose Goodreads because that books, Rotten Tomatoes for movies, and Metacritic for games; none are a storefront because that the thing they organize reviews of, and also those industries are better for it.

Podchaser is a review platform that is trying to acquire traction, that could be precious checking out.

EDIT: corrected autocorrect's messing increase "podchaser."

I just pulled up a podcast, and I see Episodes, Settings, Reviews. Ns clicked ~ above Reviews. I had the ability to leave a 5 star rating because that a podcast ns like. I hope it carries the same weight as an iTunes review.

Now I check out that ns typed this and you space using Podcast addict and also not Podcast Republic. I am no sure, however I to be going to leaving this write-up for anybody utilizing Podcast Republic.

Good come know. I researched that a little bit today, and also by research I typical googled because that 5 minutes and scanned a couple articles............ Mostly seemed as though 3rd party apps were not able come rate.

I provided to usage BeyondPod, yet android auto dropped it from it's list of apps for month or 2 a few months back and ns switched come addict. Ns couldn't price or testimonial on beyondpod either. Stitcher ns haven't supplied in years, however I've read that you can rate utilizing it, however haven't tried and don't feel like downloading it just to see.

Yeah i think component of the worry is the bifurcated Android app market--your review just shows up on your application or the connected website. There's no main rating data storage. So in basic you're just going to see, in ~ best, 1/3 the the ratings civilization leave. For little shows v not numerous ratings, that's nearly no information.

Problem is ratings and reviews help podcasters get far better exposure within the app you price them in. Podcast Addict reviews room nice yet that application is a small percentage of all podcast listeners. Apple Podcasts is about half, for this reason the reviews are an ext meaningful. The nature the Android is the is flexible, thus users will use a range of apps (Spotify, Stitcher, track In Radio) and also even currently that Google has their very own podcast app it will simply take up its small piece the the market. One aggregator would certainly be beneficial for listener if they provided it, yet unless apps referenced it i don’t know that it would record on.

Not disagreeing with you, however Itunes isn't also the best option ~ above ios...... The numbers that claim to be coming from apple, are they yes, really coming from Itunes? Or space apps using Apple's API and pulling indigenous there? ns guess I thought there was much more data and also organization in how this stuff to be tracked.

LIke i said, i don't do podcasts, but as a photographer, I'd it is in pretty pissed if I found out the biggest market share of smartphones wasn't able to prefer or talk about my image on instagram, simply due to the fact that of the brand of OS.

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