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Drinking whole bottle of wine one occasion is naught unusual, specifically if you have actually friends or household members to aid you v it. However, drinking the entirety bottle by you yourself is not always a good idea for apparent reasons.

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In this situations, you might want come recork the wine instead of maintaining it open up for whatever amount that time. Many civilization don’t know exactly how to put the cork ago inside a alcohol bottle. They may have actually tried and also found the impossible. They may have also damaged the cork when opening the bottle.

Several reliable methods for recorking a alcohol bottle space available.

The ideal Ways to placed a Cork earlier in a alcohol Bottle

Wine bottles through screwcaps space much much easier to deal with than the ones v corks. That course, every the snobs in the civilization will tell you that great wine never comes v a screwcap. However it have the right to be a little frustrating if you don’t recognize what you space doing through the loosened cork.

If you control to recork a wine party properly, the wine will last several days more.

Putting a cork, any kind of cork, ago in a wine bottle

Natural wine party corks can become bloated – they space designed as such to for sure a tight seal – but this is also why they don’t readily fit the opening of the bottle after uncorking. Occasionally, friend may be able to twist it ago in, but only if you’re very lucky. Possibilities are that’s not going come happen.

But recognize that friend don’t have to put the cork every the method back in. Girlfriend only have to seal the wine bottle sufficient so that air wouldn’t obtain in. However, as mentioned, corks sometimes gain damaged throughout uncorking and also this is as soon as it it s okay tricky.

If it’s past repair, you deserve to use a replacement cork. They space easily accessible everywhere, periodically in majority of different sizes.

How to perform it

Here’s a step-by-step overview for twisting the cork back in:

Put the continuing to be bottle of wine on a hard surface and also hold the tightly.Tilt the cork a small to push one next of it inside prior to the other. Host the cork through the side resting on the party opening.Twist the cork and press it under in a solitary motion so the the spiral goes right into the bottle for one inch.Still maintaining the party in a for sure grasp, push the cork down v the palm of your hand. This means you will move the cork further ago inside the the bottle.


Push a stuck cork ago in a wine bottle

Often, the wine party cork gets stuck in the opened of a bottle. Below is what you have the right to do in this scenario:

Hold the bottle tightly and also use a tool to push the cork all the method in. You need a well utensil because that this, choose a chopstick, pen, the backside that a steel spoon or fork, etc. ~ that, you deserve to either drink the wine automatically or you have the right to reseal the bottle. If friend wish, you might run the wine with a sieve to remove the pieces of cork.

Wine is constantly in call with the cork, so small pieces the it i will not ~ spoil the wine. Friend can uncover the best replacement corks as outlined below.

Alternative techniques for putting a cork ago in a alcohol bottle

If you gain creative, you can make a cork from just about anything. If you have actually a damaged cork, you have the right to wrap that in a item of waxed paper. This will keep the wine fresh because that up to 5 days if you keep it in a refrigerator or cooler.

Cut a little piece that waxed record that fits the dimension of the alcohol cork and also then pave it about the whole cork. Hold the cork over the party and shot to uncover a great angle. As soon as you’re ready, take the bottle tightly and also push the cork earlier inside slowly.

Try no to twisted the cork since it can damage the waxed paper. Finally, press difficult on the cork to get it every the way in.

Alternatively, you can use a piece of document towel rather of waxed paper. Because that this, you likewise need plastic wrap and also tape come keep everything together. However, you may want to go obtain some waxed paper since paper towel won’t keep the wine fresh for an ext than a day.

Parting Advice

You can constantly put a cork earlier in or a screw cap earlier on a wine bottle and store it in the fridge for numerous days. However, this will certainly not preserve the alcohol forever because it has come into call with air.

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So, you should drink any kind of recorked alcohol as quickly as possible — you have about five days before it go bad.