I am no a superstitious person.

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That said, there are specific things ns do just for fun. I recognize they don’t average anything, however I enjoy doing castle anyway. The process of eating a fortune cookie is one of them.

Here’s just how I do it:

I break the luck cookie in half and traction it apart.I collection aside the fifty percent that maintain the fortune and also eat the various other half.I then read the fortune. If I like it, i eat the staying half. If not, i discard it.

I discussed this to Megan, and also she asked, “Do you ever not eat the second half?” I’m pretty certain the price is no, partially since (a) i don’t think they print bad fortunes and (b) i don’t believe in this fortunes actually an interpretation anything.

But it’s a fun tiny thing, therefore I perform it anyway.

How execute you eat a happiness cookie? No judgment if your beliefs are different than mine.

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4 Responses come “How execute You Eat a fortune Cookie?”

Katie says:
March 3, 2020 in ~ 7:55 pm

I eat the whole cookie before looking in ~ the fortune, making sure to totally chew and also swallow the first. Otherwise, it feels favor I’m just using the cookie to obtain to the fortune, which is not just rude, yet the cookie knows I’m making use of it and also will give me a poor fortune together a result.


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