Stay linked to the conversations that matter the most. Send texts, photos, videos, and also more. Then personalize your messages v animated effects, pen your necessary conversations, send inline replies, and include mentions.

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Open Messages.Tap the compose button
to begin a brand-new message. Or go to an currently conversation.Type her message, then tap the Send button.

With iOS 14 and also iPadOS 14 and also later, you can alsouse inline replies and mentionsto call attention to certain messages and people within the messages.

From the Lock screen,touch and also hold the notice that you want to answer to. Or depending upon your device, you could need come swipe left end the an alert and insanity View.*Type her message.Tap the Send button.

If you have actually an iphone X or later, or one iPad with confront ID, and also can"t reply to a article from the Lock screen,go to settings > face ID & Passcode, and also turn top top Reply with Message. If you have an iphone SE (2nd generation), iphone 8 or earlier, or one iPad,go to setups > Touch id & Passcode > Allow access When Locked, and also turn top top Reply through Message.

* Touch and hold is obtainable on most gadgets that iOS 13 and also later,or iPadOS. On iphone SE (2nd generation), you"ll should swipe left on the notification, then tap watch to answer to a blog post from the Lock screen.

With iOS 15 and iPadOS 15, contents that"s mutual with you in the Messages application is automatically organized in a shared with You ar in the matching app.Shared with You works withPhotos, Safari,News,Music, Podcasts, and also the lasignoralaura.comTVapp.

Content that"s common with friend is labeled in the equivalent app, therefore you can see who common the content with you. With a an easy tap ~ above the name, you can quickly reply to the share and also continue the conversation in Messages.

To disable automatic Sharing or a certain app indigenous using shared with You, go to setups >Messages > shared with You, and also turn off automatically Sharing or the app.

Learn an ext about finding and sharing contents with mutual with You.


With messages in iOS 14 and also iPadOS 14 and also later, you can pin approximately nine conversations. When you pin a conversation it mirrors up in ~ the top of the messages app, so it"s simple to acquire to.

To pin a conversation, open Messages, then swipe best over the conversation. Or follow this steps:

Open Messages, then tap modify or the an ext button
.Tap edit Pins
, climate tap the pin button
.Tap Done.


Open Messages and also tap edit in the upper-left corner.Tap edit Name and Photo
.Edit her name. Or tap the image circle to choose an image, photo, emoji or Memoji.Tap Done.

Your name and photo deserve to be shared with anyone utilizing iMessage, yet you"ll be asked to check that you want to share through someone as soon as sending or replying come a brand-new message. Girlfriend can additionally turn sharing on and also off. Just complete steps 1-2, and also turn Name and Photo share on or off.

When friend delete a blog post or conversation, friend can"t acquire it back. So make certain that friend save essential information from your messages.

To delete a solitary message:

Touch and also hold the post bubble the you want to delete, climate tap More
.Tap the garbage button
,then insanity Delete Message. If you want to delete every messages in the thread, insanity Delete all in the upper-left corner. Then tap Delete Conversation.

As lengthy as the conversation isn"t pinned, girlfriend can additionally swipe left end the conversation, madness Delete, then tap Delete again come confirm.To delete much more than one conversation, open up Messages and also tap modify in the upper-left corner. Tap choose Messages, climate tap the circlenext to the conversations and also tap Delete in the bottom-right corner.

To save your messages because that a particular amount that time, walk to settings > message > store Messages. Then select how lengthy you want to store your messages.

Open Messages.Swipe left over the conversation that you desire to mute.Tap the cautions button.

When Hide Alertsis on, the cautions buttonappears alongside the conversation. This stops notifications just for that conversation, not your device. You will do it still get all various other messages and see notifications because that them on your Lock screen.

Open the message.Tap the surname of the contact at the top of the message. If you"re making use of iOS 14 or earlier, or iPadOS, madness the information button.You"llseePhotos and also Links. Touch and hold photo or attachments to show alternatives like Save, Copy, Share, and also Delete.

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Tap the name of the call at the peak of the conversation. If you"re making use of iOS 14 or earlier, or iPadOS, tap the info button.