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When I relocated from Pittsburgh to Baltimore, I necessary a brand-new bank account and settled on financial institution of America. V a huge geographic footprint as one of the largest banks in the nation, a branch or ATM was constantly around the corner.

That’s because, end the years, financial institution of America has broadened their areas as a an outcome of acquiring other banks and also now boasts end 4,600 branches and an ATM network of virtually 16,000. It’s vast and ubiquitous.

It also method that it has actually a huge list that ABA routing numbers – which can acquire tricky if you need to recognize your number and also don’t have a check handy.

So, if you’re in search of your financial institution of America routing number, we can help you uncover it using one of three basic ways:

Look up your routing number through state (you deserve to do this below)Show you how to find your routing number ~ above your personal checks, if you have one nearbyCall bank of America customer service and ask them for her routing number

Different Routing Number for wire Transfers

The ABA routing number are helpful only because that ACH transfers. If you are receiving a wire transfer, climate the code will be various – fortunately, it’s a less complicated system with one number for residential wire transfers and also one for global wire transfers.

Wire transfers are “better” 보다 an ACH transfer because they’re quicker by a few days – they’re also an ext expensive. One ACH carry is complimentary whereas incoming and outgoing cable transfers may expense a fee. The fee varies based upon the type of account you have with bank of America.

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Domestic wire move (Wire Routing Transit Number) – 26009593International wire transfer (SWIFT/BIC Code) in U.S. Dollars – BOFAUS3N

For international wire transfers, if you are unsure if it’s in U.S. Dollars or international currency, use BOFAUS3N.

If you’re receiving a cable transfer, here’s the other info you may need to provide:For U.S. Dollars (or if you aren’t sure):

Bank NameBank of America, NA
Bank Address222 BroadwayNew York, brand-new York 10038(regardless of whereby your account is located)
BNF/Field 4200Beneficiary acct. #Your complete bank of America account numberincluding leading zeros
Beneficiaryaccount nameand addressThe surname and attend to of your account together itappears on your statement

For international currency:

Bank NameBank of America, NA
Bank Address555 California StSan Francisco, CA 94104(regardless of wherein your account is located)
BNF/Field 4200Beneficiary acct. #Your complete financial institution of America account numberincluding leading zeros
Beneficiaryaccount nameand addressThe surname and resolve of her account as itappears on her statement

There you have actually it – an easy means to find the ABA routing number (and the SWIFT code) for bank of America!