How to quickly find the old message you want amongst hundreds that messages? and what must I carry out if i accidentally deleted them? This write-up introduces a software – iphone phone Data Recovery. It help you quickly discover and ago up old/deleted messages.

With the variety of messages the we obtain every day, it can be a serious an obstacle if we want to search specific information from text messages/iMessages on iPhone, especially when we need to find phone numbers someone texted come us.

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In this guide, i will display you three easy ways to search iMessages and also text messages (the deleted ones are included) in detail. You deserve to read old iMessages/text message easily, and also if the messages space deleted, you can recover the turned off iMessages and also text messages.

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Part 1. Exactly how to track Old message Messages/iMessages top top iPhone

Lookup Old text Messages ~ above iPhone

You can easily find old message on iphone 12/11/X/8/7/6 there is no scrolling v the search bar ~ above iMessages.

Tap the article app.

While the town hall the message list, swipe down v your finger to expose the search box.

Enter the search string/keywords/phone number in the find box and the outcomes list will instantly update as you type.

You may want to walk to a specific date in iMessage.


On iOS 11 or above, such as the recent iOS 15, Spotlight is an ext powerful for you to search content.

Also below is a basic trick to help you easily scroll earlier to the height of a text message/iMessage without swiping/scrolling. It is very basic yet basic to it is in neglected. This can assist you much better see texts background on iPhone.

Open a text message/iMessage thread.

Keep taping the upper bar ~ above the very top of your iPhone screen, the bar that displays the present time, her carrier"s name, battery level, etc.

As you tap, the will easily scroll to the beginning of the post conversation.

The trick can also be used to lookup messages in other messaging apps favor WhatsApp.


STEP 3 after the regimen detects the device, click the Start Scan button for the routine to search newly deleted iMessages and text messages on your iPhone.


STEP 6 select the article by click the checkboxes. Struggle the Recover switch to conserve the conversation ~ above a computer.

Search Old Messages turned off from months (Years) Ago

Scanning iPhone with iphone phone Data Recovery works successfully to uncover the message that room deleted lately because the data the the messages have not been wiped out from the phone. However, if you find for old messages/iMessages that space deleted from months or also years ago, you may use the software to uncover the old message messages/iMessages from your iTunes/iCloud backups.

The technique is quite similar to that of searching newly deleted messages, just that you should have actually backups the were produced months or years back stored on computer or iCloud and also you don"t have to connect your iphone to PC.

On iphone phone Data Recovery, pick Recover from iTunes(iCloud) backup File, pick the right back-up according come its date, you can then search and see her old messages/iMessages ~ above the software.


Enter text, phone number, contact name on the search bar to search text messages/iMessages. You can also click Restore come PC to see the messages on computer or Restore to Device come share the messages to an additional iPhone.

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In conclusion, it is encourage to always ago up the vital messages or any type of other data on her phone in instance you need them. And if friend cannot uncover or accidentally delete vital messages, utilizing a data restore software like iphone phone Data recovery (opens new window) is an effective method. It’s additionally a convenient means to earlier up message on iPhone utilizing iOS Data back-up & Restore.