PG&E electric meters measure and record total net usage, which is the difference in between the amount of energy you generate and also the amount of energy you consume at her property.

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You can examine your network energy usage by finding out to review the meter. Identify the type of meter the you have and then view the following tips.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have actually a SmartMeter™, girlfriend can additionally find out your net usage by logging in come your digital PG&E account. Visit mine Account.

Read the SmartMeter™ NEM

SmartMeter™ (NEM)

The adhering to characteristics use to a SmartMeter™ NEM:

The five-digit screen shows her net kilowatt hours (kWh) of energy use. This accumulation number usually shows up on the height line. Some models may very first display "888888…," to suggest that the screen can show all of the values correctly.Below the five-digit display, or on one more display, the number with the decimal allude shows your present electrical usage in kilowatts* (kW).If you’re using energy from PG&E appropriate now, climate the meter display will display boxes "moving" native left to right.If you space sending power to PG&E, then the boxes will certainly be "moving" from right to left, and there will be a minus sign to the left or lower left the the kW display. (The speed of movement depends on how much power is being ceded or received by PG&E.)Some meter models likewise show "Delivered" or "Received." Others present a right arrow when you use power from PG&E and also a left arrowhead when girlfriend send power to PG&E.

NOTE: The SmartMeter™ doesn’t display intake by time duration (peak, partial-peak or off-peak). If you’re a Time-Of-Use (TOU) customer, you can go virtual to check out your everyday net intake hour-by-hour.

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Read the NetMeter


The following characteristics apply to a NetMeter:

Depending on the meter model, meters have the right to be programmed to begin at a setup of 50000 to protect against an initial display of much less than zero (00000). (Most of the NEM SmartMeters perform not have actually or need a start setup of 50000.) The five-digit display of a residential SmartMeter and also a Non-TOU meter shows your net kWh of power consumption.Some TOU screen meter models may an initial display "888888…." This is a meter screen test. It is no an error.The following non-SmartMeter TOU screen shows the date in MMDDYY format, followed by the moment in 24-hour (HH MM) format.If you’re a time-of-use customer, the non-SmartMeter displays provide readouts because that each time duration as follows: E-6 and also EV customers: total peak, partial-peak and off-peak.E-TOU customers: peak and off-peak.

*kW is similar to how rapid you are using energy at that moment in time, kWh is exactly how much energy you have used over time.)