How do You Redeem Facebook game Card – Accessing on facebook Gift map Pin Code action By Step: You have the right to quickly and also easily redeem her Facebook game card via the Facebook official website.

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You can check out the preamble below, and then proceed with the finish step by action guidelines with images that follows.


2. Get in the pen code found on the earlier of your card and click Redeem

3. Pick your wanted currency and click Continue

According come the FacebookHelp Center, the entire value of the card will certainly be included to her account balance, i beg your pardon you have the right to then use to acquisition items because that games.

Keep in mind friend won’t be able to use the card again when you redeem it.

If you’re still having actually trouble redeeming or spending your Facebook video game Card, friend can call Facebook directly via this link:

Keep in mind that Facebook game Cards are just redeemable for on facebook games and can’t be used for advertising.
Here is the substantial step by action guides on how to redeem the Facebook game cards and also where friend can gain your pin code through pictures.

How to Redeem a Facebook video game CardWhere deserve to I redeem the Facebook video game card for my on facebook games?

How come redeem Facebook video game card is very simple and easy. To redeem a video game card, you’ll must visit the Facebook games website via this URL:

The action by step guides space as depicted below;

1. First, you’ll require to kind in her browser and also then click on the enter button to continue to the redeem Facebook video game card page.


2. Click on the Redeem code choice on the page. This will take to the Facebook video game card pin code page. On the page, you’ll see the an are where friend can get in the pen code.


To get the pin code, you’ll need to examine the ago of your Facebook video game card. Scratch the area v the coin to disclose it.


3. Get in the pin code and then click Redeem in the bottom ideal of the box. This will take you to the ar where you’ll be required to pick your preferred currency.


4. Now, pick your desired currency and also then select Continue.

That is the considerable guidelines on just how to find a Facebook game Card PIN password – how To Redeem Facebook game Card.

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